Feb 20, 2011

Home Date #2

Just a few snaps from "pedicure night". Tone's idea. It was his turn.

But first a snap of the pretty roses he had sent to me on Valentines since he was still in training and not home on V-day. It's a week later and they still look perfect. Not bad for mailbox roses, huh?He's a good man. And by the way, we are loving the date night thing. On a date night, I have never flown through my sewing so fast. Just so I can get done with my daily quota and get to the "date."
This date night included making some "White Russian" drinks and since it was raining, we also dimmed the lights and flipped on the fireplace while sipping our drinks. Yes, our newer house only has a fireplace you "flip" on. Totally fake, but we go with it.
If you look really close, you can see the kid toys scattered on the rug behind. Oh well, so much for ambiance. We chose to ignore it and pretend we were kid free and fancy free.

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  1. amen for home date nights. love this idea. showing it my husband right now.