Feb 27, 2011

Home date night #3

Maybe we should have just stuck with painting toenails. Tone said he would paint them, and I upped the ante and asked him to highlight my hair as well. Maybe not my best "date night" idea...perhaps it doesn't scream "date" to you?

Now before you judge, we've done this many times before and he's always done a fabulous job. We bought all the stuff to do it last week and never got around to it. The last time he did it and I went in to have my hair cut, the lady wanted to know where I got it done because he did such a fantastic job. Really. No lying.

Last night....he tried a new method. Bad plan.

Here I am around midnight pulling out the foil he put in. It looks like I have two devil horns. And...ew...check out those wrinkles on my forehead. Isn't 31 too young for that?
While bleaching we played a little Boggle. Usually Tone woops me at this game, but I did better last night.
12:30am saw Tone running to the 24 hour Walmart for a box of brown hair dye to fix this. His new method totally over-bleached it and left horribly light roots on top all over rather than light streaks. I told him I was not going out in public (i.e. church the next morning) with hair like that.
(Note: I am not a Padres fan. I think I picked this tee up as a freebie at some ballgame. This is why it is my current shirt of choice while dying hair. Now that that's cleared up...)

We fixed it with some dark brown color applied to the roots (the same color I already have in my hair) and we just left a few highlights. It's so much better and more what I had in mind. We finished the stressful hair debacle evening off with a stiff drink. So necessary.He still wanted to paint my toes. Hot pink because I bought a swimsuit that was hot pink for the summer. Even though summer isn't even close yet. We had an unseasonably cold weekend. Call it wishful thinking.I realize one of the rules for "Project 52" was to dress nice. My excuse: I was cold and getting into something comfy after dying the hair. I heart my flannel pants.

Today for church, I didn't have time to straighten my hair since we were up until 2am on that date. I, um, got up a little late. So it's in a pony tail. But rest assured, the hair looks just fine.
So there is Date night #3. My recommendation is don't do hair. Maybe stick with toenails and a little fun game of Boggle. Just sayin'.


  1. Besides never allowing my husband to dye or cut my hair (I have seen what he does to our hedges when he cuts them), I will also never post a picture of myself in foils while highlighting! So, I applaud you for your self-confidence and your faith in your husband... and it makes a great memory :)

  2. Haha! Thank heaven for 24-hour Wal-mart stores! I dyed my roommate's hair once in college and refuse to do it ever again. I'm loving the date night idea!