Feb 25, 2011

Some Faves

So my friend Cherish over at Kiwi Freckles posted some fun links for the week. I thought I would do the same.

So today I finally ordered a Canvas print of Tessa's newborn picture from here:
I got it for only $9.99 for an 11X14 inch size. That's a steal, huh? By the way, Tessa's almost 9 months old. It was time.

Some day, some how, I will be doing this painted wallpaper to one room in my house. I'm thinking the headboard wall of our bedroom. This post includes a tutorial and seems pretty "no fail". Knock on wood now.
I will be making these tasty treats at some point. They look/sound too easy and good not to. I mean peanut butter and melted chocolate? Hello.

I will be using drop cloths to recover a chair in my living room. Yes, dropcloths from Home Depot. High class is how I roll. Here is a good tutorial. I'm in love.

As soon as I have a moment to breathe from all this etsy shop craziness, I will be making myself this dress. Of course, I will change up the pattern. I never leave anything alone.

I love this quote.

And last, I'm in love with these latest shoes. Yes, I designed them, and I am on a ruffle kick right now. One little problem. The ruffles take half of FOR-EV-ER to make. I'm brilliant like that when I design things and then have to make and sell a ton of them.

Tone and I are planning for our trip to Hawaii in a month and a half. He pretty much told me he would love to see a two piece on me. So I got this. I had to get a large because I am nursing and there was no way, no how I was going to buy anything that even might hint at me popping out of the thing. *Gulp*. Wish me luck.

Yesterday, I went to the fabric store and found fabric/ideas for 5 new designs of shoes. I was in a very spring and summery mood so expect bright and fun! I can't wait to get started on them. My shop has been looking a little neutral lately.

So there you have it. That's what currently on the brain. What's on yours?


  1. We used drop clothes as curtains in our last "apt." that had huge areas to divide. They worked great. The color and texture were cool, and the cost even better! I'm sure your slip covers will turn out great!!
    Good luck on the 2 piece! I never mastered that art very well. :P I like the style you picked.
    The choc. P.B. balls look OH SO GOOD! I don't know if I could make a batch without eating them all myself = dangerous!
    I like the little ruffle shoes...I'm passing on a link to your page for someone who adores unique, cutesy shoes.

  2. Good call on the PB balls. Dear Lillie is my fav.

  3. umm I can't wait to see the drop cloth chair. I know you will rock it!
    That dress is cute, feel free to make me one too! haha
    Your new shoes are soooo cute!
    I love Jones design company that wall stencil thing looks so good can't wait to see it on your wall!
    Peanut butter balls YUM.

    Pretty much I love everything you linked.
    So glad you did it!! :)