Mar 28, 2011

And I'm not even "lucky"...

Oh My Sweet Goodness!
So I was answering my email today expecting nothing but a few facebook updates and etsy inquiries, tralalalala...very absentmindedly....

When the I see the MOTHER OF ALL GOODNESS emails....

"Silhouette winner" from the blog Not Just a Housewife.

Seriously. My heart said, "Nah, just spam"...
No seriously.
I won.

Ok. Back story:
I have been wanting one of these bad boys for over a year. They cost $300 dollars. They are the premo bestest thing out there for die cut machines. I really can't justify EVER spending that on the machine alone. So I just sit and drool. And drool. And when I'm really desperate, I stalk random blogs that are doing giveaways for one and hope that out of about an average of 1500 to 3000 entries, my entry will be picked. (*Shah right!*)
So this week I got darn serious. I entered four different giveaways. It was all I could find online for blogs doing giveaways on this machine at the moment. I stalked the silhouette facebook page to find out who was hosting the giveaways...and entered.

Today I won! I literally screamed, jumped up and ran around the house like a crazy woman pumping my fists in the air squealing like a silly school girl, my voice ten decibals higher. I HAVE NEVER BEEN EXCITED IN ALL MY NATURAL BORN LIFE! *ok, maybe slight exaggeration, but you get the picture*

So what can this little machine do that would make my keyboard wet from slobber everytime I saw it featured? Well, IMHO, cricut has nothing on this bad boy. The cricut machine is really expensive too, but then you have to buy really expensive cartridges on top of it at $50-$60 a pop! And you might not even want all 50 images on the cartridge. With a Silhouette, you can cut out any image you could possibly imagine or design. It hooks up to your computer and has software that comes with it. You can cut out your own image or fonts, or use thousands on the Silhouette website for often only $1 a download. It can cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, and fabric. You can make vinyl wall art, temporary tatoos, t-shirt decals, professional cards on the fly, cupcake papers in cut designer designs, cake boxes, favor boxes, etched glass projects, silhouettes of your family for the wall, elaborate paper frames. Oh my! The list goes on. Plus, it can cut super long designs. If I wanted a wall sized tree art decal for say, the playroom, I could do it. Just sayin.
Here are some things you can do with it found on the website and Silhouette machines: theCREATIVEplace flikr stream.

You SEE now? Yep. Wet keyboard from drool. Maybe sometimes, I am just a teeny bit "lucky."
If you know me, you know I share. Tell me what you want to do and come over and we'll get our craft on.
Come over.
I'll let you know when it arrives.


  1. so great...your story inspires me that maybe, just maybe i'll win something someday! xoxo

  2. Yay!! Good for you! I got one for Christmas and have yet to sit down and figure out how it works yet. Do share any tips or tricks when you get yours!
    LUCKY & Blessed girl!!!

  3. Congratulations! I bought mine last year. It's amazing. I make cupcake wrappers and Happy birthday banners all the time. The graphic designer in me likes making my own designs.

  4. Yeah for free stuff. I am sure you will show us it when it arrives. I would love to make something fun for Maddie's birthday in May.
    The fun thing about you winning it is you will really appreciate it and use it.