Mar 1, 2011

Come on, Summer!

I am SO very ready for summer. I really feel it should be here already and it's only the first day of March. In fact, this last weekend there was snow in places around this state that never, ever, EVER see snow - like in Salinas where I grew up. It tricked us into warming up for a few days and the sun was sparkling, and then BAM! That cold blast. No fair!

But when a girl has summer on the brain, it doesn't get out easily. We are planning a week long trip to Hawaii during spring break and this is our "see the world" trip that Tone and I do every year. Perks of being married to an airline pilot: Free flights anywhere in the world and travel discounts. Last year I was very pregnant with Tessa and Tone went by himself to Tibet. The year before that saw me sipping drinks on the beach in Thailand in March. Here is a pic to show what has been so very much on the brain the last two weeks. Mmm, hmmm, you see what I mean?
This year we are taking...are you ready for this piece of insanity? ALL...THREE...KIDS. Yep, now that's a potential blast of cold air on my dream. We have always left them with my parents before, but we thought that this year we would take them with us and give up our dreams of yet another mini honeymoon. We are bringing a couple of close friends and their two kids with us as well and we are sharing a house together for the week. Yeah, thinking of bringing the kids meant we had to call in reinforcements.

So this week I was dreaming lovely dreams of those blue and white striped beach towels in Thailand, and then I went to Old Navy and saw women's open toed espadrilles in blue and white stripes. Then I bought a two piece suit with blue stripes in it and a sun hat with, guess what, the same stripes. I will look like a supreme dork with this hat on while reading on the beach in my bikini. I could care less. Clearly every girl needs a good sunhat for reading on the beach, right?This hat happens to be ginormous and I told Tone he was not allowed to make fun of me when I wore it. The good man said not one word when I put it on, which meant he was definately thinking it, but decided to be nice.

Somehow I am sensing a theme here. While laying bed one night this week, I had a vision of baby shoes in, guess what, these SAME stripes! I really felt that I MUST get myself to the fabric store the next morning and find the fabric in my head.
So here we are. Tessa is modeling her Hawaii shoes. I really wanted an open toed pattern for these after seeing the Old Navy shoes, but I had a problem with it being too open and the flap/sole under the toes being floppy. Clearly no good for crawling or newly walking babies. My shoes are soft soled in the truest form of the word, and without rubber soles, you can't have a truly open toe. So I made it more of a little keyhole and I am quite happy with the results.
I'm so in love with this pattern, that I have about five more shoes designed in my head with the fabric stacked and ready to be sewn up into them.

Anyhow, Spring can't be that far off because these daffodils are blooming all over my garden right now. I was afraid that the cold and storm would flatten them all, but they are standing up as happy and perky as ever. They are adding a lot of color to the formerly dreary yard. I had a lot more come up this year as they are starting to propagate themselves in large clumps. Yay for Spring!
I have one more open toe shoe all sewn up in pretty pinks and greens, but I ran out of picture time today. Rather, I ended up loosing the good light because a certain little 8 month old felt the need to grab and climb on my photo setup, or grab and pull on my leg and screech for me to pick her up while I was trying to get photos. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain, so I doubt pictures of them will be forthcoming tomorrow either. I got all of ONE, count it, ONE shot off the camera before calling it quits. I'm not even sure it's the setup I want to use for these shoes. But here is a sneak peak of them. Needless to say, I will not be posting them for sale until I can photograph them better. This picture does not do them justice.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that hat and those peep-toe baby shoes are adorable. I need to find a baby girl in my life who needs a gift. We have all boys in my family right now.