Mar 10, 2011

Date Night 4: Mardi Gras

So it was Tone's turn to make a home date. He planned one on Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras!
He gave me an invitation that said dress up for Mardi Gras and be prepared for a cajun shrimp dinner and making masks for a photo shoot. Here are some photos of our date.
I bought fresh giganto shrimp and we made cajun grilled shrimp, creole red beans and rice, buttermilk biscuits and watermelon for dinner. While making dinner we needed a whisk. I thought I'd take a picture of how many we have. Because, clearly, one needs at least a good dozen in a kitchen. We ate dinner in masks and bead necklaces with the kids. After they were in bed, we got our costumes on for Mardi Gras (we surprised each other with our "homemade creations"), blasted a Mardi Gras Pandora station, and got our craft on.

***Side note. Our evening was cut short by the discovery at around midnight that Ainsley is violently allergic to shrimp. We spent a very pleasant night with a little girl on the floor next to our bed and in the world of throw up. But I digress...***

After we made our "great" masks, we made ourselves some pineapple rum drinks and set up the photo booth. Basically, we look like idiots, but we had a blast! Cheers to us!
The first picture below would be our failed attempt at a conga line.
Why are men's legs so funny? Bwahaha!
We decided to try some with masks off. Two thoughts:
Sometimes it's hard to hold a pose and it's too funny.
I'm sure glad I shaved under my arms.
Or not.

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  1. Oh my gosh...that looks like a ton of fun! You all are so cute :)