Mar 17, 2011

Date Night 5: Puzzled

After that super clever Mardi Gras night from Tone, I knew I needed to step it up a notch.

I failed.

I HAD planned to do a whole St. Patrick's Day theme with a treasure hunt and corned beef and potatoes, and, and, and....failure. Turns out, we had only two nights to pick from and neither was ideal. We briefly considered skipping to which I said an adamant "NO!" It was either have a date late after we hosted Bible study at our house, or have it the next day after we got back from sledding in the snow all day. The day in the snow was super duper fun, but I was exhausted, so I'm glad we did it on Monday night after Bible study.
So at any rate, it was pretty low-key since we started around 10pm. I picked a 500 piece puzzle and didn't expect to finish much of it. We like odd puzzles, not pretty puzzles. We like lots of little details. Scenery to us is straight up boring. This puzzle is a puzzle of idioms and sayings portrayed with silly literal illustrations. 182 to be exact and we found them all.
I still wanted to make it fit a St. Patty's day theme, so I made Irish shakes for us. Here is the recipe:
3 oz. of Bailey's
2 oz of Vodka
half carton of vanilla ice cream
generous squirts of chocolate syrup

Just mix it all up in a blender and enjoy a tasty treat. I put a post it on Tone's that said:

We are kinda competitive overachievers over here. We actually finished it. At 1 am. Yep. Sleep? What sleep? We don't quit on stuff.
I guess date nights don't have to be over the top. Just as long as we are making a conscious effort to spend time once a week together, even simple can be good. However, next time it's my turn, I really am going to ramp it up a notch. Tone is super creative and has always gone out of his way to show me in creative ways, so hopefully I can come up with some creative things as well.


  1. You guys constantly amaze me! Your closing sentence reinforces that you're BOTH creative people, so you come up with these great ideas - and you're willing to do new and different things. NEITHER Nathan nor I are creative souls, so we tend to do the same things over and over. :P