Mar 25, 2011


While I was drooling over a red dress on, Ainsley points to the dress excitedly and says, "OOO, mommy! That's the dress I want for my wedding!"

I said, "Ainsley, usually the bride wears white."

"But Mommy white is not a color and it's boring. So white is not good. It just won't go."

"So what would you like?'

"Actually, just pink. You know, you can have pink for everything. Birthdays...parties when it's not their birthday...prizes for going potty. You know. You know, usually, this is the thing, wedding dresses are fancy so I think a wedding dress should be pink with blue roses on it."

"Blue, huh?"

"Yep. You could make it. Just get some cardboard and fabric and just sew it up for me. Because I just like blue."

"Oh so tell me about the wedding."

"Well, the boys, they wear black. The girls will all have pink and blue. My shoes will be pink with little bumpy pokes on the back. I will just be all pink! Except I will just have a white thing on my head. I want to marry (insert friend's name) but he'll prolly marry his sister. Hmmph." (said with a scowl).

"You can't marry your brother or sister you know."

At this point Hunter interjects, "Well you know Mommy, Kevin and Cassie did."

At this point I am about ready to howl with laughter. Cassie is my cousin who got married a year or so ago and they live around the corner from her parents (my aunt), so I guess he is figuring Kevin must have grown up there too. I explained Kevin has different parents.

"Oh." I saw his wheels were turning. Clearly this is new news.

The conversation went on in a similarly hilarious vein of thought, but this little dialog is enough to give you a clear picture of how discussions with my children usually end up. Pardon the lack of pictures. I figured the dialog was colorful enough.


  1. love this...we have been having similar silly convo's around here...and pink is always in the picture as well. paigey and ainsley are like two peas in a pod! :)

  2. I was old enough to remember being horrified when someone told me I would have to marry a boy that was not my brother. He was the only one I could imagine ever wanting to marry!! Glad that changed :)

  3. hahahahahaahaha! So CUTE!
    You'll be so glad someday that you've written things like this down.

    We love to tease my sister, Kate, because when she was 3, she wanted to marry Daddy. She was obsessed with Snow White at the time, so she announced that she would wear a Snow White dress, and Daddy would dress up as Frosty the Snowman. She even picked out the wedding venue! The local La Quinta Inn! But it had a snazzy bell tower, so how was a 3 year old supposed to know it was just a hotel?

    When she discussed all of the details with my mom, Mom said, "If you marry Daddy, what will happen to me?!?"
    Kate responded, "You can be one of the seven dwarves. You'll be Grumpy."

    Just love it!

    ♥ Bethany

  4. Don't know if I've ever commented on a blog before so I hope I did this right....

    Anyhoo, that's hilarious. Kev and I actually get the brother sister thing a lot, from adults too. Awkward, but funny. So I guess you can tell Hunter he's smarter than the average bear. Kids are so funny! Give my little butterball hugs for me. :)