Mar 5, 2011

Dr. Seuss Cookies

So I was feeling really rather guilty for the lack of significant crafts with my children lately. So I thought I would make "Dr. Seuss Cookies". Let's just say sometimes it's a hit or a miss. This was more of a miss, but I salvaged the experience by being cheery and playing "rah rah coach" and pumping them up from the side and pretending that their total meltdown didn't bother me in the slightest but rather I thought the whole thing was a grand joke. Eventually I managed to convince Hunter, but Ainsley never did do more than one or two. Mothers have to be actresses and tricky tricksters sometimes.

This is what comes from browsing random blogs at night, seeing what you thought was a great idea, and it bombs the next evening.

So I used this recipe that was supposed to make the dough be like the consistency of playdough and then you die it fancy colors and let them make crazy cookies with it. So far, so good. The dyeing and mixing in flour took half of FOR-EV-ER, so my kids are already antsy at this point. I think to get it to the right consistency, I had to use about 3 times more flour than the recipe said to start with.
It was still super sticky and the kids were covered in flour trying to keep it from sticking to their hands. Poor Ainsley and Hunter got so frustrated. It would either stick to their hands or be so flour-y that it wouldn't stick to the cookies.
Hunter is still fair game at this point. I am playing "rah rah coach" to Ainsley. As you can see in this next picture, Ainsley spilled her full water glass into the mess that I had SPECIFICALLY told her to put away and not have because....she was going to spill it. So...she kept it and spilled it of course.
This is where the complete and total meltdown happened.
They were so frustrated with the dough at this point. This is when I stepped in and started making crazy wacky cookies to show them that it didn't matter if it didn't stick EXACTLY right. That this was Dr. Seuss craziness. My pep talk sucked Hunter back in, but Ainsley was having none of it.

So Hunter and I finished up the rest of the dough and Ainsley gave her input from the side after she changed her whole outfit and wasn't covered from head to toe in flour and water mess.They did turn out like Dr. Seuss wackiness when we were done. They look a little scary to eat, but really they just taste like plain, cakey sugar cookies. Not the best sugar cookies I've ever had by a long shot, but presentable and the kids think they are fun.Ainsley is helping eat them of course though. That part made her happy. However, both children informed me that they like the Girl Scout cookies sitting on the counter much better. Duh. Of course they do.
So what have we learned here from our little experiment?
Maybe don't try random recipes from random blogs from random moms who raved about how fun it was with their kids.

Maybe don't feel guilty that I haven't been enough of a crafty craftster mom of late.

Maybe sometimes bad ideas can be good memories afterall if one is super extra positive and tricks the kids into believing it too.

At no time do you try to trick kids into eating other cookies instead of your precious Girl Scout cookie hoard. It's not gonna work. They know what the real deal is.

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  1. I love it when projects don't go as planned. Go hide those Girl Scout cookies NOW! I'm not into sharing mine either.