Mar 20, 2011

First Day of Spring

First off, Happy Birthday to my amazing bro who turned 30 today. Someone should probably tell him it's time to be mature now. Heheh. Just kidding. *kinda* Actually, he and his wife bought their first house this year and are working hard on their careers. I am very proud of them. Happy Birthday, Josh!

The spring season started off with bang this year with two days of solid, pouring rain. We sloshed into church this morning, and sloshed out. In general, I like rain. There is only one reason in my life why it stinks.

My hair.

I decided to give up this morning after braiding it wet and letting it dry in the braid all day yesterday to semi tame it and just let it go. Boho style. This is only half the curl my hair COULD have. Yikes! Hair serum is my bestest friend ever. I sloshed out after church to try and get some photos of my tulips and daffodils in the rain.

I am just hoping that the rain doesn't end up flattening them.

Even my boots got soaked through. There is starting to be not much high ground to go around the puddles. My kids were soaked through after church. Socks, shoes and pants up the the knees! They, however, were loving stomping through every puddle which might just possibly be close to their path and novelty of using their own umbrella.
This is the cute face I saw waiting for me when I was coming back inside from flower pictures.

He was waiting for me to do a project with him. I had been saving this for a day like today when boredom might set in. I bought the kids drawing/tracing books and I copy characters out of the book and let Hunter trace them on my light box. He was having most fun mixing the different parts of the characters up.
Of course, my playroom looks like this as well. I shouldn't be bored. I have ten loads of laundry half folded in my room that I need to finish. I am procrastinating and writing a blog post. Somehow it seems more fun.
Here was my rainy day project from last night. I wanted a bunting for my fireplace. I took some vintage and modern fabrics, and mixed them up to make this. I have been forever grateful I snatched up a 3 piece monogram set for my sizzix machine when they were going out of stock at 75% off. I have used it so much because it even cuts fabric with heat and bond attached!
Enjoy your weekend. What do you do on a rainy day?
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  1. I love you tulip beautiful. We enjoyed fort building and movie watching complete with popcorn and hot chocolate.

  2. i love that bunting! it's rainy here today to so we'll be lighting candles and watching robin hood. :)

  3. love the picture of your family....he looks like a funny guy with his peace sign...:)

  4. love your blog! your pics are so sweet and pretty! and i love your mantle decor! :)

  5. You never fail to make my day! You are too sweet. I love that pic of your family! We had monstrous down pours like you've described last week and I'm praying we're all sun this week, but we'll see how long that lasts. If you want, I'd be more than willing to go to HL, get that material and ship it to you. Just let me know. Email me at megansandefur at gmail dot com. I'll seriously go get it for you if you want. Seriously :)