Mar 11, 2011

Happy things

First of all, I realize I am posting a blog about happy things when Japan just suffered a devastating Tsunami and earthquake yesterday. This is the post I had planned for today and I am well aware of the contrast between my little happy life here, and the devastation there. Life shows no favorites does it? I have been praying for the people of Japan all day while having a perfectly beautiful day here on my side of the world. So odd to think about.

But without further adieu, here are some pieces of my happy day. We spent a lovely 2 hours at the park this morning with friends and the kids brought their bikes and got a lot of energy out. Then we swung by McDonald's for shamrock shakes. All three of us are addicted to them. When we got home, I printed and hung the little silhouette of Hunter on his bike from yesterday's post. I love it.
My friend Cherish introduced me to this perfectly lovely little vintage thrift shop downtown called Urban Salvage run by the two sweetest ladies. I went yesterday afternoon by myself and came back with some finds. Wait, did you catch that? BY. MY. SELF. Uh huh. Thanks Tone'!

I brought back this Dr. Pepper crate for organizing Hunter's school supplies. They had other crates, but I happen to be slightly majorly addicted to Dr. Pepper. I have been since Jr. High so I don't think it's just a passing phase.
I should mention it was the only one with dividers which work perfectly. Much better, right? I have a slight addiction to old handkerchiefs and you can find them draped or peeking out of almost every surface of my house.
That first shelf was still full of unsightly school whatnots, so I made a quick teatowel of some vintage fabric, added red rick rack binding tape to the bottom and hot glued it to the shelf. Seeing as how this is a $15 Walmart shelf, I didn't feel guilty about it.
Here is the school area on the wall between the living room recliner and the kitchen table. I think it looks much better and is a little more deserving to be on the focus wall of our main living area. Unfortunately, this is the easiest and most convenient place to store the school stuff, so I have to make it work.
This next little find made me supremely happy. I spotted it first thing walking into the store. Yes, that crazy quilt! The colors are so vibrant and to die for! There are just a couple spots that I need to repair but they are minor. I had it in my claws immediately and was looking around hoping no one else had spotted it too to fight me for it. In reality, no one else was in the shop, but you wouldn't have known that the way I practically RAN to it and pounced it up. I couldn't find the price tag, so the dear lady sold it to me for $20! I think it's a full size or small queen. Recliners are nice for getting cozy, but an eyesore for making your house look good so I NEEDED a cute something or other to throw over the back and use on cold winter's nights in front of the TV. Says I. Maybe not the hubby so much, but whatev.
The kids have all been told they CANNOT make forts out of it which is a regular occurrence at our house. Anyhow, while I was taking pretty pictures of my house, this is what the kids were doing. Yikes!
Triple yikes! I don't even want to know how many toy buckets and baskets that is dumped on my rug. They picked it up double time while I made dinner. I'm not above withholding food for a clean living room floor. Guilty as charged.
And yup, it looks just as bad from the other direction. Tessa is just happy to be right in the middle of the fray.
Look at her. What a slimeball she has been lately with her constantly drippy nose and drool. She feels big and important with the big kids though. I can see here in this picture that one of the buckets dumped was the bucket with all the little figurines that kids manage to acquire from who-knows-where. I blame McDonalds mostly. Whatev. Those buckets kept them happy enough for me to grab a good long shower. I call that an accomplishment. Thank you, messy buckets.
I love this spot in my house. It was the coffee table, but since Tessa kept banging her head on it, it's now pushed up against the wall. That just means I can put more stuff on it, right? I am in love with this teal vintage fan, old books, and that tea towel bought on clearance from Anthropologie. That box, by the way, holds all the love letters from Tone and I while we were dating.
I have so many daffodils blooming in my yard right now, it is ridiculous! I cut three and put them on my mantel. Looking at them gives me an instant pick-me-up because yellow is such a cheery color.
Speaking of yellow, I am in love with this little tunic from Forever 21. I wore it with mustard yellow flats today and felt cheery just because I was wearing it. (Ahem, excuse the open drawer and laundry behind me...this is always a work in progress around here).
I have always looked great in yellow, but yellow has not always been an "in" color. I attended a tiny private school in high school and we had to wear uniforms. There were these plaid skirts and polo shirts we had to wear. Anyhow, the polo color options were red, navy blue, white, or yellow. I tried them all and decided I looked best in yellow and wore yellow on the first day of school. I was the only one who decided out of 150 students to wear yellow that day. It actually didn't bother me. I knew I looked as good as one could look in that uniform. See, the yellow addiction started young!

I also wore these earrings today. I bought them for $1 and feel that they may have possibly been the best dollar ever spent. Hello, vibrant yellow? Silver paisley? Be still my heart.
It was a happy day. I hope you have a happy weekend!


  1. you're so cute! love the earrings too and the vintage store. I've got to go! where is it?

  2. Yellow is an old fave color of mine too (though it doesn't do me any favors when I wear it.) If you come across any more of those earrings, grab a pair for me!! You can make some money off of them ;)