Mar 4, 2011

I Want to Bottle Her

I want to bottle up the person that Ainsley is right now at 3 years old just so I can take her out and have a good long laugh at her when she's 30. She's just a delightful little munchkin right now who is very full of herself and every interaction with her makes me want to bust up laughing.

*** With the exceptions of when she throws temper tantrums. I have never seen a kid who can throw one so quickly over NOTHING. We are working on that. We have been working on that. We have been working on that every freakin day for the past year and a half. *sigh* She's still throwing them. It's part of our bedtime prayer every night. Truly. "Dear God, please help Ainsley to NOT cry when asked to do something and to do it with a happy heart." I have great hopes for this prayer I'll have you know.***
Here are some funny "Ainsleyisms" from this last week:

Ainsley loves to pray. About everything. Mostly trivial things. I have to admit it. I kinda have a vain, trivial girl on my hands. But she's three so she gets a pass. For now. Again, we are working on it. Talks of having a "pretty heart" to match the pretty outside seem to be flying over her head. *sigh* Most of these talks are given after the said temper tantrums.

Anyhow, here are a couple prayers as an example. Once this week I saw her with her head bowed, hands and eyes clasped tight shut, a deep look on her face, whispering, "Dear Jesus (long pause for affect)....please help me to stop burping."

After painting her fingernails she prayed just as fervently, "Dear Jesus. Thank you for my boootiful hands. Help them dry so I can go play Hot wheel car tracks with Hunter." This prayer was unprompted but I guess she figured it was the fastest way to get dry hands.

One time her parting shot to me as she ran down the hallway was, "Mommy, I don't bamember (remember) when God made me!"

Another favorite phrase she says for affect all the time is, "Whoa. I'm freakin out over here!" Anytime something is exciting to her I get to hear this phrase.

She loves to tell me she loves me. Usually it's in comparison with rainbows and cookies. "Mommy, I love you like a rainbow and a cookie." Huh. I think that's good.

She came to me the other day with such great excitement and pride on her face. "MOMMY! I can talk and BREATH at the SAME TIME!"
To which Hunter retorted, "Huh. I don't think I can do that trick."
"Well, I can!" she said.

In case you were wondering. She really doesn't ever stop.

Her idea of laughing is an exaggerated guffaw. Of course totally done for affect.

She's going to be a ballerina teacher when she grows up. But only when her teacher dies, she said. Gee, sweet little thing isn't she? I told her maybe she could teach WITH her teacher or maybe another class. Nope. Her current teacher has to get old and die first I was informed adamantly. She dearly loves this teacher too. Death has been very much on the brain since Papaw passed away this last month so she has been talking a lot about it. Wow. Just wow. So....we've been doing a lot of talking about death lately to help her figure it all out.

The girl never makes a straight walking line to anything. She prances, she poses, she dances. She stops to look at things or twirl. She daydreams. She never pays attention to where she is going and often walks into things. Getting her from the parking lot into a store is a huge hassle. Walking her through the store is a hassle. One time she asked Daddy what her name meant. He told her, "It means 'my own meadow', Ainsley." Then he smirked and looked at me and said, "I think it should mean 'my own whole Ainsley world'." I concur. She was well named.

I'm glad she talks to God about the trivial things. I am glad that God listens. I am glad He cares more than I ever could about her outgoing confident spirit, her zest for life, for beautiful things, her excitement for living, and her passionate heart. For goodness sakes, He put them there! I'm glad He cares about these things because if I have any hope or prayer about this crazy pipedream called "getting Ainsley raised right" I'm gonna need His help.

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  1. She is absolutely adorable!
    I'm so glad you've written these things down...she'll get a kick out of them when she's 30!

    ♥ Bethany