Mar 8, 2011

Inspiration Wall

Sometimes when I smack stuff up on the walls of my house I just put it there to look pretty, but mostly there's a reason. I'm not one of those to have a "model" home that looks sleek and glossy. I'm an artsy fartsy sentimental type. So that just isn't going to happen. So this week I created an "inspiration wall". It's not quite done and not quite perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but important to me. It's sits right in the middle of the hub of my home. This is the dining area with two door openings on the side which go to the living area and kitchen. This means I look at it a million times a day.
I also completed some hoop art crafts to remind of a few things during the day. The first says "Draw Nigh". It has an old page ripped out a date book from July 1908 and some old vintage perfume labels. It reminds me to draw nigh to God every single day and my day will be so much sweeter. I am much more likely to become that "sweet aroma" the Bible talks about to the people around me. It hangs over a picture I took of some deer (elk?) high up in Estes park in the Rocky Mountains. This reminds me of a book that changed my Christian walk forever called "Hinds Feet on High Places" by Hannah Hurnard. The book is a beautiful allegory of the Christian walk and how Jesus draws us up and higher and helps us to walk along streams of living water.
The story is about a girl named "Much Afraid" who lives in the "Valley of Humiliation". She has a crooked mouth and crooked feet and her family wants her to marry her cousin, "Craven Fear". But one day the good Shepherd, whom she loves with all her heart, calls to her and asks her to come with Him and travel to the high places and leap with hind's feet. He tells her she can have this request granted but first she must have the seed of love placed in her heart which looks like a thorn. She must leave her family behind, "the Fearings", and make the journey even as a cripple. He gives her two companions which are the companions of all new believers and though the journey is filled with sorrow and suffering, He promises to never leave her. It a beautiful story filled with much grace and tenderness.

I also have on the desk my favorite photo of Tone and Hunter that I ever took. They are on the beach playing and Tone is walking with Hunter right behind him in his footsteps. It is a good reminder of who we are supposed to be as parents. Here is a good quote:
"I want to help you to grow as beautiful as God intended you to be when He first thought of you." -George MacDonald

A jelly far just holds some old wooden spools with some bright old embroidery thread from my grandma's sewing stash wound around them.
Newborn pictures of my three children surround the box that held our wedding rings in our wedding (I happened to feel at the time that a pillow was too frilly for me).
This picture I took this fall reminds me of heaven and I did a post on it here. The bridge crosses to light, and though we can't quite see what's on the other side, I am sure that it is wonderful. The meandering stream is the streams of living water that flow from our Father.
This little hoop just says, "Pray." Something I do constantly throughout my day. I want to be in a constant dialog with my Lord.
And the last hoop says, "Be Happy" under a bright bunting. Joy is a choice outside of present circumstances as we depend and rely on the Savior and trust in His everlasting grace. My husband painted the mountains. For both of us, the mountains are our escape - our favorite place to be. It's a good thing we only live a half hour away and when the Fresno air is good (like on a clear winter's day), we can see them near our house.
So there it is. Not something you might put in a model home, but a wall for a totally different purpose. Do you have a wall like this in your home?

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  1. Your style is very similar to my mom's. She's so good at displaying sentimental things in a pretty way too and I just love it.