Mar 20, 2011

Princess Party

You'll have to excuse the horrendous photos taken with the little point and shoot. We were in the middle of a princess party and I grabbed the closest camera. My princess did not want to interrupt our castle talk to take pictures.
The boys went to the Monster truck show last Sunday. Ainsley really wanted to go too, though I know she wouldn't have really enjoyed it because of all the noise. However, she didn't want to be left behind. I redeemed the situation by holding a "girl's night princess party" on the fly. Complete with fingernail painting, real makeup, prom dresses, crowns, and real cookies and tea on a real china tea set. We even picked out some of mommy's special jewelry that is always off limits.
The icing on the cake for her was that I dressed up too. We spent an evening pretending to be Belle and Cinderella and talking castles, princes, evil stepsisters, prancing around in high heels (which I always lost because I was Cinderella you know), and other such important things.
She informed me it was the BEST night EVER! You know, it was one of mine too.


  1. Can we come next time? Annike would DIE to be at a party with Belle and Cinderella, plus she has a great Ariel dress :)