Mar 25, 2011

She can stand!

So Tessa has figured out how to pull herself up to a standing position this week. Pardon the Mommy brag moment since all little kids for the most part figure this out on their own and many are walking by this stage. I'm going to suspend reality for a moment and act like she is the only one in the world to be this brilliant. I put the legs on her play table so she could pull herself up and bang away on it. Before it was on the ground and she banged away on her belly.
She thinks she is hot stuff.
We encouraged her to think so highly of herself I admit by crowing gleefully at her when she pulls up.
There is only one little problem here. She hasn't yet figured out how to get back down. So she screaches and yells until someone rescues her.

Typical. So so typical. You should have seen how else they were harrassing her while she was standing here. She was delighted with it all. She's so proud of her little big self.
Oh Tessa. You are one funny baby girl.


  1. Yay Tessa! She's getting so tall! I just love her baby teeth...adorable!

  2. yay! i love these mommy moments, when we think our children are spectactular, unlike any other. :) how's eating going these days?

  3. Tessa looks so much like Ainsley in that 3rd picture! :)