Mar 26, 2011


And here I thought it was supposed to be spring. Oh gee, I'm feeling so glad I got my veggie garden planted last week (you caught that dripping sarcasm, right?). When life gives you hail...make snow cones! The sun came out right after the massive hail and the kids went out and played and dug in the hail. They thought the slush was most fun! That is a puddle several inches deep there. They were a muddy, happy mess.
And then rest of the week it has poured. We have been doing LOTS of fort building. Hunter thought he needed a picture of his fort and took this one. Just in case he has to take it down and can't remember how to exactly put it back.
You know. Just in case.

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  1. Oh, I know! We got a ton of hail and snow last night. We thought it was over, but we definitely thought wrong.