Apr 29, 2011

Irreverent Wedding Thoughts

Disclaimer: Before reading you ought to know that I thought the wedding was the stupidest display of pomp EV-ER. That being said, it sucked me right in and I watched it at 3am totally fascinated with the ridiculous prestige of it all. The Brits would say I'm an uncultured American. I say they have pointless and ridiculous pomp. Touche'. I actually wish Will and Kate well. You should probably be told that before you read my following thoughts (they aren't very respectful).
As follows, here are my irreverent thoughts about the wedding as I watched it unfold. You will soon notice I have absolutely no respect for British nobility though I found it fascinatingly riveting. Obviously, I'm American. My ancestors came over on some of the first boats to get away from them. So while some great-great-great of mine was a lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth, I'm too far removed to give a hoot.

Here goes:

-At least Kate didn't pick a tacky dress. Though when I first saw it in the car, I thought, "Ew, lace down the arms??" When she got out I was happy to see it was actually tasteful. I actually loved it.

-When the bishop got up for his part in the gold pointed hat, all I could think of was, "Mawwidge, is what bwings us together, today" and "wuv, twue wuv" ...and was surprised to hear a deep voice. (If you have to be told what movie I'm quoting, that's just sad)

-Lace collars on the choir boys? Really. Poor kids. And it looked hard to breathe while singing.

-While all the royals were dripping with medals, how many do think were actually EARNED? I'm gunna go with a grand total of possibly zero.

-William and Kate seemed afraid to show any sort of affection in such formality, but Will tried at times. When their hands were not supposed to be together they quickly dropped them down and clasped them quickly and decorously to their front. You know when people get married, they are usually not prepping for a lifetime of not touching each other. It's kinda the opposite actually. What formal decorum.

-Check out the cousin's hats! Eugenia's pink wackadoodle thing behind the queen took the cake! What the heck was she THINKING! I heard someone say she was channeling Lady GaGa. She was certainly channeling but I say more like wicked stepsister.

-All the royals aren't that good looking. The commoners they marry look a lot better. They are kind of a nerdy, goofy looking family. I say the commoners are good for the blood lines.

-Will looks a lot like his mother though he manages to channel the goofiness of his father. The Brits are a bit biased when they kept saying "he's so dashing and good-looking." I'm gunna say they were dazzled by the uniform and unearned medals.

-I was in love with the sister, Pippa's, sheath dress. I thought that was magical.

-How much of that Christianity, prayer, and scripture is all just ritual? How much is real? How much is actually LIVED? Uh huh. Case made.

-The way her brother James read the passage from Romans was so dramatic it was almost silly. Great passage, but he made me want to laugh.

-And by the way, his tie was bunched up the whole time.

-The little flower girl walked in with her mouth wide open and looked petrified. She wasn't too keen with the noisiness on the balcony either. Funny.

-How does one go about meeting and dating a prince in the first place? Oh yeah. Rich dad sends you to rich boarding school. They said about her dad, "He looks proud. Not bad for a Yorkshire born son of an airline pilot." OH. Now it's clear to me. I'm going with it's probably those pilot genes working in her favor.

-Some Latin hymn that was sung was quoted to be "a particular favorite of the couple." Really? They listen to that stuff? Regularly? Hmmm. Don't mind me if I remain slightly suspicious.

-Prince Harry had a refreshing swagger. He was the only one not quite so formal and walking in a perfect line. Good for him. Good for him. You rebel you, off two steps to the side.

-Because the groom is supposed to be the last to see the bride, he had to have his back to her the whole four minute walk down the aisle. Well, blast! That pretty much ruined the wedding for me since that's always the best part!

-A pan of the aisles showed several wheelchairs. No wonder the royals are excited about a young wedding. I doubt the crazy cousins with the crazy hats are getting married anytime soon. Any takers?

-The Queen sits closest to the aisle, not Prince Charles. Clearly, we know who rules the roost here. She should have been booted over, Queen or no. Maybe let Dad be first today, huh?

-Lots of pompous praying. How do they know when to automatically respond with an "amen"?

-I wish it wasn't too formal for a wedding ceremony kiss.

-And really? Thousands wait for that little peck on the balcony? Really Brits! It's too easy to get you excited. Oh wait. That was two pecks. Oh clearly NOW I see.

-An inner private sanctuary from the middle ages in the church where they go to sign the certificates? Gee, I'm glad God actually abolished such a real thing at the cross. Leave it to us pompous Christians to bring it back.

-Most people seemed to barely know the hymns (though they were said to be popular). Elton John barely sang them. Heck, I even knew the first hymn better! But by golly, they all belted out "God Save the Queen". Quite a fervent following for a doddering old lady who just happened to be born lucky. Whatev. Oh right. She's next best to God himself. See, I'm not British so I didn't understand.

-Did anyone else want to burst out laughing on the looks on the men's faces in the choir while they were singing? Their "singing faces" were HI-LAR-I-OUS!

-So...why didn't Will get a ring too? I realize the world will know he's married so it's kind of a mute point, but still...I think he should have one too. There are other reasons to wear rings (besides the obvious one: showing other women your man is married).

-I was loving the top hats on the men. Oh, and those dashing morning suits.

-What's with the flower girls being called "maids of honor"? Why didn't Kate have any attendants besides her sister?

-Catherine Elizabeth Middleton? Can you get a more English name than that? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say their kids are going to have pretty traditional names. Just a guess.

So there you go. I told you there was a big disclaimer first. I admit I watched this wedding with a lot of disdain for the pomp for the people, that as far as I can tell, did absolutely nothing but be born lucky. Lucky them. Lucky me....it entertained me greatly for most of today. Oh and then Tone called from work, and while at first he thought the whole thing was SO dumb, I sucked him in, and despite himself, we discussed the whole British family and royal life for over an hour.
So thank you Brits, for that stimulating discussion with my husband too.

Here is my next item on my bucket list: Get invited to a British wedding just to have a reason to wear one of those ridiculous hats.
I know I could rock it. Just sayin.

Apr 23, 2011


Happy Easter! He is Risen!
He is Risen, Indeed!
With the simple word, "indeed", comes a surety. A nod to something I am more confident of than anything else.
For what else can explain the evidences of Christ's victory in my life?
All of creation shouts that God exists, but for me, the greatest shout of all, is the evidence of the mark of the hand of God on my life. I need no more "proof" than that.

At the end of high school, when I all I had thought of "Christianity" and religion and rituals and traditions and "do-goodedness" was stripped away, I learned that all that was for naught. What I was left with was the raw truth of the Gospel. Those things don't save or make me good, and in my very human moments, I was aware that those things provide a false sense of security and I am truly no better than anyone else. In my honest moments, I realized I could be as evil as the things I thought I was above. It was then that Christ's grace and love embraced me, changed me, and did a miracle in me. Because of this miracle, I say, "He has risen! He has risen, INDEED."

Apr 22, 2011

A Good Friday

Good Friday means nothing without Sunday. With death comes life, we serve a risen King.

We got back from Hawaii yesterday morning. The first thing I did was check out the new blooming flowers in our garden and do a little yardwork. Today I arranged some new blooms for my table. The best thing about it is the Jasmine that is spreading it's perfume through the house.

Here's a fun little "tutorial" of sorts for arranging flowers that are too random, short, or awkward to use in one arrangement. My favorite kind of flower arrangement is like the one above.

To do it find a tray, doily or placemat - anything to place under the vases to make them look like a cohesive arrangement.

Find any type of clear glass container. I have two bud vases, two pickle jars, a baby food jar, and two cooking oil decorative glass jars, and one old jar from some bath salts. The more eclectic the better. They are all different heights too. Just any type of clear glass works and you can vary the height and shape.

Fill them with water and group on the placemat or tray.

Then the fun part is going out to your yard and collecting random flowers. No need to find enough to match . The great part of this whole thing is that some have super short stems, some have long, some are tiny, some are fat, some are long, some are short. These flowers would never work in one arrangement but like this it's perfect. So now stuff your jars. I have even have some Japanese Maple tree branches in there. It's definately pretty enough for my Easter table.

I have more to tell about our trip to Hawaii, but we all came back tanned, rested, rejuvenated, and we had SO much fun as a family. Ainsley kept bawling the last day because she didn't want to come home.

Apr 12, 2011

Home Date #7 and #8

So even though I have been madly sewing, we have still been taking time for our home dates.
Home date 7 was had on a week when Tone only had one available night. I had to compete with this:

Yes, I am a sports widow. The fantasy baseball draft was planned that night. I clearly know better than to compete with that. So I didn't make a special dinner since the hubbies eyes were glued to computer monitor while skyping with a friend discussing the best strategies and player stats. After the draft and the kiddos were off to bed, we played guitar hero together. My hand about fell off. I think I am out of practice. Tone is so much better than I am.

Date night #8 involved an "art" theme. Yep, I made manicotti for dinner (I was thinking Italian) and then we sketched each other's faces - which turned out quite hilarious. It's almost embarrassing to post these, but in the spirit of full disclosure, here ya go. I'm the awesome face on the right, haha!
Ok, so we are quite unrecognizable from our sketches, at least I HOPE I am at least, but it was fun sketching and examining a face I know almost as well as the back of my own hand.

In other news, I finished the wholesale order of shoes at 1am tonight. I am posting this quick post before jetting off to bed. They go in the post tomorrow. I feel like such a huge weight is off my shoulders. Whoo hoo!

Apr 7, 2011

Crazy busy!

I have not been able to post for a few days. Mostly because I have a wholesale order of 45 pairs of shoes that I have to get done by Monday. I have been staying up until 2 and 3am most nights to finish it. However, it is paying for our family trip to Hawaii so we don't have to touch our tax return. So I guess it's worth it. That's my pep talk to myself at 1am.
"Hawaii...Hawaii, you can push through for another hour! Sew, sew, sew!"
I would like to take a moment and just mention that I have to sew on 52 teeny tiny ruffles tonight. I counted. 13 pairs of Charlotte shoes, 2 ruffles per shoe, makes a whole lot of headache. Then I have to sew on teeny tiny bows with seed beads.


Now that that's out of my system...

Not only are my eyes propped open with toothpicks, but I took time to take Hunter to his first t-ball game of the season among other daily tasks that have nothing to do with sewing. He's so adorable and he's playing so much better this year.
My children look totally cute in these photos, but in reality, I've probably had the most hair-pulling week ever with them. Tessa has been a clingy grump all week. She has her moments of adorable cuteness, but most of the time she's been a clinging sobbing mess. Hunter is going through a phase where I feel like I am retraining many of the things I thought he had had down pat in the last year. Just when you think you can congratulate yourself for being an awesome mom with the super obedient children, they pull a 180 on you and you feel like you are starting from scratch all over again. Surprise! I am a humble woman this week. It's not been my week.I look totally happy here with Tessa, but in reality, there's probably a nervous twitch going in my eye. Or maybe that's just the super annoying bangs that I am trying to grow out. I have almost cut them about 50 bajillion times but have resisted the urge. Just a half inch more and they'll fit behind the ears.
By the time Tone got home a couple days ago, I felt like a wound up clinging sobbing mess. I haven't cried yet though. Just lost my temper about a bajillion times which makes me feel worse. The time I came closest to tears was when Tessa was screaming to nurse and wouldn't eat any food. For like the whole day. We are still having a really hard time getting her to eat solids and she's almost 10 months old. It's a 50/50 shot and she'll only eat very few things. My milk is going though and I can't provide enough for her and so she's starving some days. I refuse to nurse every two hours at this point, but sometimes resort to it when I can't get her to eat anything at all. I finally had to leave the room and Tone force fed her. He was so patient and nice that I almost cried in the other room listening to them. She was so much happier though after that with her tummy full. My awesome husband has totally taken over in the last couple of days, especially Tuesday when I just couldn't handle the constant bombardment of kids anymore. He's fantastic. He even managed to finish the four poster bed today that he's been making me for weeks now. He carefully handcrafted the whole thing out of cherry wood. It's so beautiful. My project for the summer is to completely redo our room and I'll take pictures as I go. He's asleep in it right now while I am writing a quick post before getting back to sewing.

Today I wanted to try out my Silhouette machine, but barely got any time with all the demands of children and sewing. I managed to squeak out a small project with the kids decorating the covers of their drawing books for the airplane ride to Hawaii. I'll post more on that later. I will say though, the way it cuts is pretty amazing.

Last week I got to sit outside for a few minutes while Tessa was napping (something else she has not done well in the last week), and read my copy of "Flea Market Style", drink some tea, and eat sugary treat. Heaven, even if it was 10 minutes only.
I don't see this happening again until I am on the beach in Hawaii.
Please don't ask me when the shop is opening again. Let's just say when I have a moment to breathe. Perhaps at the end of April.
Ok, back to sewing on teeny tiny ruffles.......