Apr 22, 2011

A Good Friday

Good Friday means nothing without Sunday. With death comes life, we serve a risen King.

We got back from Hawaii yesterday morning. The first thing I did was check out the new blooming flowers in our garden and do a little yardwork. Today I arranged some new blooms for my table. The best thing about it is the Jasmine that is spreading it's perfume through the house.

Here's a fun little "tutorial" of sorts for arranging flowers that are too random, short, or awkward to use in one arrangement. My favorite kind of flower arrangement is like the one above.

To do it find a tray, doily or placemat - anything to place under the vases to make them look like a cohesive arrangement.

Find any type of clear glass container. I have two bud vases, two pickle jars, a baby food jar, and two cooking oil decorative glass jars, and one old jar from some bath salts. The more eclectic the better. They are all different heights too. Just any type of clear glass works and you can vary the height and shape.

Fill them with water and group on the placemat or tray.

Then the fun part is going out to your yard and collecting random flowers. No need to find enough to match . The great part of this whole thing is that some have super short stems, some have long, some are tiny, some are fat, some are long, some are short. These flowers would never work in one arrangement but like this it's perfect. So now stuff your jars. I have even have some Japanese Maple tree branches in there. It's definately pretty enough for my Easter table.

I have more to tell about our trip to Hawaii, but we all came back tanned, rested, rejuvenated, and we had SO much fun as a family. Ainsley kept bawling the last day because she didn't want to come home.

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