Apr 12, 2011

Home Date #7 and #8

So even though I have been madly sewing, we have still been taking time for our home dates.
Home date 7 was had on a week when Tone only had one available night. I had to compete with this:

Yes, I am a sports widow. The fantasy baseball draft was planned that night. I clearly know better than to compete with that. So I didn't make a special dinner since the hubbies eyes were glued to computer monitor while skyping with a friend discussing the best strategies and player stats. After the draft and the kiddos were off to bed, we played guitar hero together. My hand about fell off. I think I am out of practice. Tone is so much better than I am.

Date night #8 involved an "art" theme. Yep, I made manicotti for dinner (I was thinking Italian) and then we sketched each other's faces - which turned out quite hilarious. It's almost embarrassing to post these, but in the spirit of full disclosure, here ya go. I'm the awesome face on the right, haha!
Ok, so we are quite unrecognizable from our sketches, at least I HOPE I am at least, but it was fun sketching and examining a face I know almost as well as the back of my own hand.

In other news, I finished the wholesale order of shoes at 1am tonight. I am posting this quick post before jetting off to bed. They go in the post tomorrow. I feel like such a huge weight is off my shoulders. Whoo hoo!


  1. The sketches don't look half bad. I'm actually impressed. If we did anything like that I would draw a stick figure...ha!

  2. Looks a lot like Tone'. Just sayin'.

  3. I agree with Krista - looks a lot like Tone'. Yours - not so much.