Apr 23, 2011


Happy Easter! He is Risen!
He is Risen, Indeed!
With the simple word, "indeed", comes a surety. A nod to something I am more confident of than anything else.
For what else can explain the evidences of Christ's victory in my life?
All of creation shouts that God exists, but for me, the greatest shout of all, is the evidence of the mark of the hand of God on my life. I need no more "proof" than that.

At the end of high school, when I all I had thought of "Christianity" and religion and rituals and traditions and "do-goodedness" was stripped away, I learned that all that was for naught. What I was left with was the raw truth of the Gospel. Those things don't save or make me good, and in my very human moments, I was aware that those things provide a false sense of security and I am truly no better than anyone else. In my honest moments, I realized I could be as evil as the things I thought I was above. It was then that Christ's grace and love embraced me, changed me, and did a miracle in me. Because of this miracle, I say, "He has risen! He has risen, INDEED."

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