May 9, 2011

Credit: Dress: Knitted Dove, Shoes: Coggles, Satchel: Cloth-ears, paper planes collection, Lipstick: Topshop

So I bought this dress today off of I just couldn't resist. It positively screamed my name. Literally. Since it was half off, well, you know...I told you it was screaming to me.

I thought I would show you how I would like to wear it if money allowed. That satchel is one I have been eyeballing for a long time. Actually, you should visit Cloth-ears. You will drool over everything they have pretty much.

I also just think that with straw wedges and some red lipstick, this dress is ready to go anywhere for the summer, dressed up or down. I might wear it with some white flip flops I have as well. It's just too adorable.


  1. You are going to look great in that dress. You MUST post pics! It's gorgeous! I'd kill myself in those shoes :/

  2. That dress is amazing!

    Also, this will save you some money: I bought Valerie the matching wallet to that satchel for Christmas. She'd been coveting it for a while, and what better time to surprise her with it? I saw her wallet the other day--a lot of the color is wearing off. The "postage stamps" were nearly gone. So it's soft, but doesn't hold up that well. (And I swear we're not as hard on our stuff as we used to be!)