May 9, 2011

A Day at Home

So little Miss "A" has been here all weekend on the couch. She was on the floor, but a little tyrant in miniature size was harassing her and trying to steal her cup and bowl. That was too nasty for me, so I moved her up to the couch and put blankets under her to try and protect my couch if there was a "miss" when trying to hit the bowl (if you know what I mean - kids are terrible about this). So far, she has been quarantined to her spot here and no one else has gotten it. My hands are so dry from all that hand washing! This is how I spent my Mother's Day.Here is the little said Tyrant. I bought several different cute printed leg warmers for her to wear with all her cute little dresses since she is pretty hard on her knees right now with all that crawling.

Here is one cute new outfit sent by Gramma Stover. Tessa's hair is actually getting long enough that I can stick a clippy in it. This one stayed all afternoon. I was pretty much glued to the living room since Ainsley kept whimpering for me, so I sat on the floor and played with Tess Tess all afternoon. I got out my camera since it's been a while that I just sat and snapped away for casual pictures of the kids. Unfortunately, an afternoon with Mommy on the floor meant Tess was in wild, happy, kid heaven and most of the time too excited to let me get a shot. That means a lot of blurred shots like this.

It also meant all three kids where pretty much glued to me and climbing all over me. That makes it also difficult to get in shots. This is how my Mother's Day was spent. On the floor of the living room all day romping around with the two healthy ones and nursing the sick one.

No projects, no cleaning, no errands, no outside demands. Hunter likes to get all up in her space. She thinks he's wonderful and oh so funny. I think it's very mutual. Those two entertain each other all day long.

Here is Tessa all up in my space.

Lunch time rolled around and we had the same refusal to eat real food that we have everyday. It consisted of eating a few bites of yogurt, a few bites of her sandwhich (which she mostly just pulled apart) and then refusing to eat anything else and asking to get down. She really just wants to feed herself and hates the spoon, but she has a horrible gag reflex and isn't able to eat anything that isn't already mashed and really soft. So we are at a quandary as those things usually require a spoon...Even pasta and soft fruits are tough for her and don't really work out.

Miss "A" went to the doctor today who said just keep pushing small sips of Gatorade like I have been doing. This virus going around has been taking kids out for a week or more so she's going to have a long haul back to normal. I see a long lazy week stretching out in front of me while she recuperates.

So Tess Tess and I read some books while Hunter stole the camera. He loves to do this.

She likes to pat the fuzzy pictures in the "touch and feel" book. If there is nothing to touch, she gets bored and chucks the book violently. Hunter wore jammy pants all day since we weren't going anywhere. He tries walking around in just his skivvies and tries to convince me this is cool because Daddy sleeps in just his skivvies. To which I reply, "yeah, but he doesn't walk around all day in them and only sleeps like that." Why Hunter likes to just hang out in his cartoon tighty whiteys beats me. I demand pants at least.

He made a series of funny faces for the camera that we chuckled at while viewing. He told me, "Mommy, when you put these on the computer, I bet a lot of people will laugh and write something about how funny I am. I'm hysterical." Here's his fave.
I'll let you be the judge.

At any rate, it was nice to just slow down, not clean anything (this proved to be impossible - I couldn't resist the dishes, some laundry and some sweeping), not do any projects, and just enjoy the kids.
I found myself getting antsy, but anytime I jumped up to do something, someone would need me, so I exercised some self-control and made myself sit and enjoy them all day. Once I got my brain wrapped around the fact that this was my sole responsibility today, I thoroughly enjoyed focusing on them and only them completely for a whole day. It's sad to say that this is pretty rare. The house chores were screaming my name. But so were these chubby kissable cheeks. Tessa was completely happy and content for a whole day. This is also so very rare for this child since she would like me to focus on her 24/7 and I don't/can't. Not that I neglect my kids, but I usually have a million things going and bounce from kids to other demands all day long. At any rate, I spent my Mother's Day completely focused on the three little beings that made me a Mommy. It was a good exercise and a rare one. I didn't budge from that room and those kids all day long. I discovered that taking a day to stop is a wonderful way to spend Mother's Day. Possibly the best way to spend Mother's Day.


  1. That little tyrant is awfully cute. She's getting soooo big!

    Yes, blogger pals are the new pen pals! Way back when I had a pen pal and loved it so I guess that explains why I like commenting on your blog so much...ha!

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. What an appropriate way to spend Mother's Day! Tessa is more adorable every day and is so cute in Gramma Stover's dress.