May 10, 2011

Faux Enamel Flower Pins Craft

Sometimes when one is bored and has a lot of time on their hands (a child is sick and you have nowhere to go, ehem), you have time for an easy, but long project. Ainsley is back in the land of the living today so that's good. She still laid around most of the day, but didn't throw up anymore and actually ate half a sandwich.

So this project is pretty mindless and quick and it takes a lot of waiting around, so it was a perfect one for today. I made some faux enamel flower pins. My favorite is the red one. On the top and bottom one, I think the petals came out a little wonky. I'll still wear them just the same. Do you know what they are made out of?

Pine cones and nail polish. Uh huh. For reals. I had to wait for the wood glue to dry overnight, and the painting took several coats with a lot of waiting inbetween for the coats to dry. Then a little hot glue for the beads and the pin on the back, and there are some fun little pins. I suppose I could have put one on a snap clip instead, but I like them this way for lapels and scarves.

Yeah and I totally didn't make this idea up. The tutorial is here. I think theirs looks a lot better, but whatev. It was still fun.

PS. That's totally a playpen in my bathroom. Our bathroom is huge with a lot of floor space and it never gets used during the day. Because the girls share a room, Tessa naps in here so Ainsley can have access to her room during the day. Our bathroom is so big you can still use both sinks, the shower and the toilet with plenty of room to walk around the playpen. So right now it's permanently sitting there. You know, whatever works, right?

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  1. Super cute! I would never have thought of pine cones and nailpolish, but it's adorable!

    (And hey! I recognize that splash of color on your head! thanks for the etsy purchase ♥ )

    ♥ Bethany

  2. Poor Ainsley...she was down for a LONG time. Glad to hear she's feeling better!

    I need to take some fashion lessons from you! You wear the cutest outfits. I just love those pins and I think the light pink one is my favorite.

  3. Yours look awesome. Love them! You look so cute!

  4. p.s. I posted a link to your project on the DSC FB page:

  5. Those are so cute! I never would have guessed they were that simple! They're fancy looking!

  6. Cute Jenny! Who would have thought it?