May 26, 2011

Joint Birthday Bash

So Tone, Ainsley's and Tessa's birthdays fall one after another and we had little time to celebrate them this year. I totally did their cake the lazy man's way and made one chocolate cake for everyone coming over and then three little ones for them in differing sizes. I used this cake recipe and it was the best! I seriously recommend it and it was just as good the second and third day later. We celebrated with our Bible study group on our Monday night meeting time.Tone had to light his own candles since I was standing by with the camera.Ainsley is wearing a dress-up dress since we called her from playing with her best friend to come blow out candles and Tess Tess just looks like a floating head she's so little.
She sure loved her first bites of cake though. It was demolished!Happy Birthday to 3/5ths of my family!

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  1. Addison's dad and sister have birthdays within days of each other and I always love celebrating them together. It makes me wish that I could "share" my birthday with someone!