May 8, 2011

Master bedroom redo (Part 1)

Here is the Master bedroom redo part 1. I'll walk you around for the grand tour. Bare with me, it's a lot of pictures and explaining (basically the longest post EV-ER). It's part one because I have yet to paint and that will be a pretty involved project and I have yet to get those drums either out of there or looking better where they are at. If you want to see a kinda-sorta picture of what it looked like before, see this post. It started off with the new four poster bed frame that Tone built. I wanted a travel theme that didn't look like a little kid's room. We love to travel together and I wanted this room to be about that love of adventure we share and also be a kind of retreat.
The drums are kind of a long story, but the short one was that they were in the playroom but too many kids came over and messed with them so this was the only other place in the house we could shove them that would be out of the way of temptation. Now that I have the room done though, I'm tempted to put them back and just train all the kids who come over to deal with it. My kids can. The drums are completely ruining my sense of aesthetic.

Tone handmade that bed. The whole thing started out as rough plank cherry wood. He planed it, cut the pieces, joined it and even made the tapering poles and finials by hand. The whole thing is gorgeous and pretty special.

So I fell in love with a duvet cover from Anthropolgie. Sha right! I am the queen of cheap so I was NOT going to shell out that kind of dough. I did snoop around the blogosphere and figured out how to sew it myself from some tutorials, but then I found that Target had this knockoff king comforter for $90 and free shipping. So that was a done deal and it saved me some serious time! I just love the ruching going on and I didn't want it too feminine so the khaki color was a must (not white). Plus the only thing Tone was adamant about was that it shouldn't be white. Duh. We have three kids who like to roll around on beds. Though this is a queen sized bed, the comforter is a king because: A. Both Tone and I are major blanket stealer's, and B. We got a new mattress that is a double pillow top and a queen wouldn't stretch all the way down the massive sides (goodbye aching back). The rooms colors are from these two airline travel posters on the wall. Somehow, I had to bring those colors in and tie it all together. I fell in love with Suzani print which brings in a sense of the exotic. Lets just say for a typical Suzani print pillow, it's around $50 and up. For ONE. Yeah, no go. So I found at Cost Plus World Market they were selling napkins and a tablecloth in the perfect print and color for $5 for four napkins and $20 for a large tablecloth. The napkins became pillow covers on the old throw pillows (perfect size as luck would have it) and the tablecloth became the throw at the bottom. I am going to back it with a chenille throw on clearance. Also, I had this 80's style leather shirt that I've almost donated to the thrift store several times, but held onto because it was pure leather. I just snipped it under the armpits and sewed the top and bottom up. I unbuttoned it to get the third pillow in, rebuttoned, and there you have it. A nice leather, tailored pillow for the price of free. The striped one was my big "splurge" for $14 at Home Goods but it matched perfectly and brought in stripe against the circle medallions. Tone grumbled. I still bought it. The perfectly matching and gorgeous butterfly prints over the bed and on my bedside table were bought at the Dollar Tree. I couldn't believe it when I saw the three of them and snatched them right up. The butterflies look real and are backed on a tarnished silver background. Lovely, but you can't really tell in these photos. Oh well. We got those matching bedside nautical lamps as a gift at our wedding. We have always loved them. Curtains: Well, I have two small ones on each side of the bed and one large double window. The two small ones were easy. I cut up an old cream brocade chair cover I had and made valences with a tailored ruffle down the middle. I bought tan fish nets at the Dollar Tree and draped them over for a netting and textured look. For the long curtain, I looked and looked before inspiration struck. I wanted a curtain that went all the way up to the top window (see below).

That is about 11 feet high. Try finding cheap panels at that length. Yeah, they run about a $100 bucks and if you buy nice designer fabric, you are running at an even higher price. Yikes! So I like free and DIY. I remembered I had this high end huge table cloth in khaki given to us for our wedding that haven't used once. So I snipped it up the middle and used it for the lower half. For the upper half, I cut the top off the old curtains which were made out of muslin and had tabbed tops already. I used scrap fabric and the bottom half of the curtains for ruffles in graduating shades of brown. Actually, they were a bear to make, but I am thrilled with the result. Also, this is the only room in the house that gets direct sunlight and it bakes in the summer. The bottom half has blinds but not the top. I am thrilled to have a way to block out the sun in the top half since the ruffles covering the top are pretty heavy. Also, at certain times of the year, the full moon shines straight through that window and onto the bed making it annoyingly hard to sleep. By the way, the dresser and side tables shown in these pictures were also made by Tone when we were first married. We have our old TV on top of the dresser (it's a beast) so I tried to soften it up by adding an exotic flower arrangement up there. I think it helps. As you can see in the picture below, Tessa keeps messing with and twisting the bolt covers on the foot of the bed. She won't leave them alone.I went to my fave thrift and salvage store downtown and found these old suitcases for $12 each. That was a steal, and they are peaking comfortably out from the end of the bed disguising the other odds and ends stored behind them. Plus, I can put my magazine collection in them and pull them out for late night reading inspiration.

The next side of the room isn't so pretty, but you can't see it from the door walking in and trust me, it's WAY better than what I started with. Tone's dad made him that dresser when he was a kid and the last time it was painted was when Tone was in his teens. It had bright red drawer fronts and white wooden knobs. So I changed out the knobs for cheap burnished bronze ones. I HAD to get rid of that bright red and in a hurry (Patience? I have no patience.). I bought a roll of contact paper for $5 and covered the front of each drawer with a little wrapping around the sides. I'm keeping my eye out for a khaki printed damask type of contact paper, and may change out the fronts in the future. For $5, why not? That mirror has a cracked corner from the kids, but it works just fine I guess. The large framed artwork over the dresser is a collection of vintage luggage labels. The two smaller ones are pages of vintage airplane stamps. Our laundry basket/pile is to the right and you can just see it. Our closet is too stuffed for it to fit in there. Sad but true.On top are pictures of our wedding, honeymoon and engagement day, a tray from our travels to Thailand, another flower arrangement I made and some vintage postcards. So there you have it. Our room so far. The hard part is going to be painting since I'm not just going to straight paint the room. I have some fun plans for that headboard wall.

So far, it's coming along. I have gotten this far in about two weeks, and am eager to finish it up.
Just to my right is first the closet door and next to the dresser, the bathroom door. I have more to hang on that wall, so I'm not ready to show you it yet. It involves more vintage travel ephemera.

Tell me. How do you make your room feel like "you"? What have you done? Do you have good tips for me?

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that bed and you have one talented husband. That thing is gorgeous. I also really like the bedside lamps and the travel theme of the room. Your bedroom looks huge and I'm jealous! Ours is tiny. As far as making our room feel like "us" goes I still haven't figured that one out...ha! We're working on it.

  2. your husband is amazing! your bed is so lovely. and i love the suitcases under the bed. cute!!

  3. it all looks so great...i love the curtains.

  4. the san fransisco print is amazing...makes me wanna make the drive up there!!!


  5. i can't believe your hubby made that bed! awesome! and, love the curtains!

  6. Fabulous idea with the curtains. I love them!

  7. It looks absolutely great, Jenny. It's beautiful and creative - just like you.