May 14, 2011

Park Daze

Since Ainsley was back to her normal self and we had a couple of lovely days back to back, we went to the park. Tessa sits/rolls/wrestles on this blanket while the other two do their thing. Thursday saw us at the homeschool park day with 30 or so other moms and a lunch of In N Out burgers. I love me some In N Out. Yum! Sorry, it's only a California thing. If you are out of state, you are seriously missing out.
Ainsley's personality is back in full force and she had a great time running around at the park. She lost 3 pounds through this whole sick ordeal and now she and Tessa are only four pounds apart. All the weight I had worked so hard for her to gain in the last 6 months are gone in four days. Her little arms and legs are just sticks. And I was SO proud of those 3 pounds, *sniff*, since I had been told she needed to gain more by the doctor.
It probably doesn't help the whole "homeschool nerd" stereotype when all the boys bring their light sabers and run around with assorted swords and guns. Hunter was thrilled he was finally "picked" to be on a "team" in the last month (I have no idea what that means, but it is extremely important in his little life so I am now listening to much serious explanations of the Starwars game and how it works - it's so confusing). Before, he would bring his sword but was far to shy to ask to play and hang on the sidelines hoping someone would notice him. He's gettting so big and BRAVE!Let's just up the "nerd" ante and put wings on the shoes. He has been wanting me to make him shoes with wings for FOR-EV-ER and yeah, I make baby shoes (though I appreciate his unswerving faith in my skills). These felt do-dads I sewed go through the laces and made him most happy. Easy solution. (My son, if you are reading this 20 years from now and shaking your head at how I would ever allow you out of the house with these creations, I would just like you to know that you hounded me for months for these. To your credit though, all the other boys thought they were pretty cool too).
Then on Friday, we went out again. The weather was perfect, we had nothing to do, and I'm an antsy, totally spur of the moment, kind of girl. I made a snap decision and went. We took a picnic lunch, watched the ducks, hiked, played in the stream, and on the play structure. We have this fabulous huge park near our house and almost never take advantage of it. All Hunter wanted to do was chase the geese and ducks. I hereby officially apologize to Woodward Park for the terrorization of their water fowl.
It was a fabulous day and we walked and played for several hours.
I let them bring water shoes to walk in the stream. In my kids eyes, I won Mom-of-the-year for that. At least for this week until they forget I did something cool like that and accuse me of NEVER letting them play when I make them pick up toys.
We even got milkshakes on the way home. It was fabulous except for the part where I got a splitting headache from too much sun (it happens to me a lot) and was down for the count on Friday night and had to be up bright and early this morning for an 8am t-ball game. Really? T-ball at 8am?

That just wasn't cool.


  1. We just got two In N Out's here!!!!!!! I flipped. No one understands here. Well now they do. Not even kidding...3 hour waits. It's that good.

  2. Ainsley looks like a little lady in that first picture. Hopefully she'll pick those three pounds back up really soon! Being sick is rough.

    The wings on Hunter's shoes are awesome! Yes, one day he'll question why you ever let him go out in public with them on, but don't you just love their innocence? I hate it when kids start worrying about being "dorky" or "not cool enough" too early in life...makes me sad. I hope he wears his wings for a long time :)

  3. You're definitely Mom of the Year in my book. Glad your kids recognize it too!
    Also love the wings on the shoes!