May 6, 2011

Projects - that's my excuse.

I just looked and only 5 blog posts in April? That's just sad. In defense, I was gone for much of it in Hawaii, and for the rest of it, I was frantically trying to push out a large wholesale order which was finished in the knick of time. Now that I have been back for a couple of weeks, I have been enjoying the quiet at home, working on projects that I have put off for months, and have totally ignored the internet and my etsy shop. I have to felt wonderful!

But being the internet addict that I am, I couldn't stay away for long. Here I am!
I had a lot of comments asking what I have done with my marvelous new Silhouette machine. The embarrassing answer is: almost nothing. I have had more pressing projects on my brain. Here is the one project I cranked out right before our Hawaii trip, and it's not one that I was particularly proud of for it's craftiness. It was done more for the kids and my need to at least
TRY it once, no matter what a lame project. The kids love to draw for hours, and blank paper is their favorite. I bought these huge blank sketch books for them and wanted to personalize them for the plane trip. Ainsley's turned out adorable. With clear contact paper on the front cover, they held up really well to a lot of beating.Hunter's now, that a different story. I supposed I shouldn't have asked them what they wanted on the front. Ainsley asked for a Hawaiian flower. Hunter wanted a turkey, peacock and monster truck. Clearly, those go together so well, right? I am posting not because I want to show off my excellent crafting skills, but rather the humor in his choices. He was in love with his book though and it kept him entertained for hours. Mission accomplished.I saw these sheets of 3-D stickers at the Dollar Tree that just screamed "buy me and make me into card sets to give as mother's day presents". So I did.Easy and cute.

I also did a craft day for our homeschooling group with my Aunt this week. The girls created these bonnets out of paper plates, then they decorated wooden frames, and I took a picture of them to put in the frames for mother's day. We took a day and went out on the boat as well. It was the first trip out for the season, so while the air was finally hot enough, the water was freezing. No matter, we tubed all afternoon. Tessa did great on the boat. I would post a picture, but I left the camera on the boat, and I don't feel like going outside, undoing all the cover straps, pulling the cover back just to get the camera out to show you pictures. But it was a beautiful family day. I love days like that. Lazy summer days playing in the water with our family.

I have also been busy the last couple of weeks with massive bedroom redos and projects. We installed ceiling fans in the kid's rooms, went through and gave away boxes of clothes, and I have been completely redoing our master bedroom. Tone finished the four poster bed and I have been sewing curtains, updating furniture, sewing or buying all new bedding, decluttering, and I have it almost done. I am not ready to show you, but here is a sneak peak. The color and lighting is horrible because I took it with only a very dim light on. I just left the camera wide open for a couple seconds to get it so it looks deceptively bright. It's actually a picture showing what a sad day Ainsley had to today. She woke up throw-up sick, and still is tonight. She spent the day on a blanket on the living room floor watching cartoons, and is now at the foot of my bed for the night. I have cleaned three spots off the carpeted floor, one couch, three blankets, and am hoping not to have to clean up any more. She has been pretty good about hitting her bowl, but kids are notorious for never getting to the tile floor but nailing the carpet about one foot away from the tile where it would be much easier to clean. Why, why, why?
Poor baby. I am hoping she is better tomorrow, because I do not relish taking all three kids down to urgent care because Tone is gone flying for 5 days straight.

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  1. I was beginning to wonder what was going on with you guys! LOVE the cards! I hope Ainsley feels better soon! I feel her pain. I've been since since Wednesday and was finally able to eat today. No fun.