May 7, 2011

Slop Bucket Mother's Day

So if you come around here anytime this weekend, bring your slop bucket. Ainsley has a particular strain of gastroentitous that can take up to a week to go away. Super. She has kept nothing down for two days now and is wearing a diaper for, um, obvious reasons.Nick Jr cartoons have run nonstop, and I have washed more yuck off of furniture and flooring than I care to ever do again. The poor girl is so miserable. Hunter set up her favorite doll house and dolls next to her to make her happy. The poor thing only poked at it. She is so lethargic. I am pumping her full of fluids which happily she wants. Since she is not dehydrated, I am just waiting it out. Hunter is trying so hard to make his sissies happy and has entertained Tessa for me nonstop and has helped keep her out of Ainsley's way. Confession of the day:
Today was especially "fun" and I certainly didn't feel like I was winning at "super mom" status points. Hunter has missed the last two of his t-ball games and I didn't want him to miss another one. Also, I was signed up to bring the snack for today (of course) and I don't know anyone ont the team this year to call as a substitute. Tone is gone for six days right now (of course), so I lugged the kids to the grocery store ( got there and realized I forgot my wallet and ran back home really quick) to buy the snack and then to the ball field. Ainsley lay down in the grocery cart, and then I spread out a blanket in the shade at the ballfield and she lay there and napped. Luckily there was a break in the barfing until we got home. I was wondering if anyone there noticed the barf bowl next to her and was wondering what kind of steller mom takes her barfing kid to a t-ball game. That would be me. A totally desperate me. Tessa also had a barfing moment right as we went out the door, but since she has always gagged a lot, I couldn't tell if it was real barfing. I don't think so because she's been happy the rest of the day, but it made me totally late on top of forgetting my wallet and worried that I would have two barfing kids at the ballfield. Luckily, just one. Happy Mother's Day to me.

Doesn't she just look pathetic?
My family gave me a very nice Mother's Day on Tuesday however when Tone was home, so I am not deprived. We also managed to score by going to Chevy's on Tuesday before Cinco de Mayo unknowingly. Kids eat free on Tuesday's and they had a Cinco de Mayo deal where one adult entree was free, so basically we paid for only Tone's meal and drinks. Sweet! Then we had our home date night which I will post later.

So though my Mother's Day is being spent in the trenches this year, I would say I am very lucky to be cleaning up after my little girl and taking a little boy to t-ball while carting around a fussy baby. It is such a priviledge to be Mommy to them. Whenever Ainsley barfs she calls for me so pathetically and she said with a whimper, "Mommy, you have to love me best on sick days." I do have to love her best on these kinds of days when I've been up all night and all I am doing is cleaning up a house while it is getting destroyed and the washing machine is going nonstop. These are my babies, and the true strength of motherhood is flexed on these kinds of days. It all comes with the package called "Mommy".


  1. Happy Mother's Day to one of the best moms I know! Sorry you have to deal with all that and sorry Miss A is so sick. Thanks for posting a photo with an empty barf bowl. ;-)

  2. So precious...and quite sad. You're such a good mommy. Love you, sis, and happy mother's day!! xo

  3. Bless your heart. You are a good mom! Things happen and you do what you need to do and carry on. I'm impressed that you made it to the t-ball game. I probably would have given up after realizing my wallet was at home.