Jun 15, 2011

Book Page Paper Flower Roses/Gardenias: Day 2

This is not a fabric flower, but I thought it would be fun to share this one with you anyhow. It is also fun to make it out of scrapping paper in a bold color or print, but for now we'll go with book pages.They look really pretty in a collection too. The rolled flower you can see there is from this tutorial, but I don't like it as well. There was too much rolling of floral tape involved which rubbed my thumb raw and I'm lazy. It also wasn't turning out as easy as the tutorial said, and I don't like steep learning curves. This tutorial I am sharing with you is easier. I thought it up myself while I was playing with paper one night, but it's so easy, I know I'm not the first to think it up.
Here are the supplies you need:
Long floral stick pins
An old book
Floral tape
Floral wire
Scrapbooking tape squares (though any tape or glue will do, I just think these are easier)
A circle pattern (I cheated and used my Sizzix die, but you can trace a cup or bowl for a template. This is a four inch circle)
A long wooden skewer (not pictured)

First cut out 8 circles.
Take a circle. Fold it in half.
Fold it in half again (now in quarters).
Fold it in half again (now in eighths).
Cut a petal shape close to the top. Discard the end.
Open it up, and cut down one fold line all the way to the center.
Put a piece of tape on one of the petals next to the cut.
Overlap the petal next to it and stick it to the tape. Your flower should now be in a slight cone shape.
Now cut all the fold lines between the petals half way down.
Taking your skewer, tightly roll each petal down and then pull the skewer out.
You should have something that looks like this:
One down, seven more to go. So now you want to make two large flowers, two a bit smaller, two a bit smaller than that, and then one small and one tiny flower. Just keep snipping the end farther and farther down with the scissors to get graduated sizes. Like this:
Now complete the same steps above until you have 8 completed. On the last two, my tape squares have to be cut in half to fit in the petals.
Take your pin and poke it through the center of the tiniest flower.
Keep stacking them up small to big and stack the petals so that the cuts don't line up with each other as you go (stagger them).
Now you have your finished flower.
Cut a long piece of floral wire. It can be as long as you like, and put it next to the floral pin as close to bottom of the flower bloom as you can.
Wrap tape around both the pin and the wire. The tape doesn't need to touch the paper, but you want to get as close to the paper as you can because this keeps the petals from slipping down. If you've never worked with floral tape it takes some practice, but basically it's only sticky when stretched. So you twirl with one hand and stretch it with the other hand as you go down the stem.
Keep going past the floral pin's point so that it's sharp edge is hidden and not poky.
Wrap to the bottom of the floral wire and you're done. Easy right? The wire will easily bend for arranging wherever you like. These are a bit fragile, so use in a spot where they will be pretty, but not used much (like a wreath or flower arrangement).
Have fun with all that paper flower goodness!

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm going to have to try this one out!