Jun 6, 2011

Family Fun Day!

For Ainsley's birthday we had a family fun day. We went to BounceU, and indoor play space with bounce features. Tessa and the adults were free so it only cost us $14 for two hours of play on giant bouncy play structures. What a deal!

We told her she could pick anywhere she wanted for lunch. She picked Wendy's. Seriously? Well....Great! That was easy and cheap. Then Ainsley got to go to Build-a-Bear and make a bear for one of her presents. Any guesses as to what her favorite color is?A trip to the mall is never without a romp in the water fountains. The kids love to bring their suits and run through the shooting jets.
Back at home we had a few little presents for her to open. This gasp is for the Rapunzel Barbie doll from Tangled. She is in love with all things princess.She declared it the "BEST" birthday ever! Success.


  1. That's what I call a bargain birthday! Glad she enjoyed her special day!

  2. That Ainsley girl is always so adorable!