Jun 18, 2011

Felt Gardenia Flowers: Day 5

So this one is the easiest of all. It's almost silly explaining it, but here we go. I'll teach you at the end though how to cover a hair clip with ribbon and my favorite "no slip" grip for hair clippies. I feel that this will justify calling this a "tutorial" with the flower being as easy as it is.They have a big "Wow" factor though, so they are worth explaining.
I don't know how else to explain this since the pieces are cut out free form. You cut out wobbly circles in graduating sizes large to small. Here I think a picture is worth a thousand words.
Then you stack them and sew beads or buttons to the center. I love using pearl beads on these too.
Then hot glue some green fleece or felt leaves to the back. See! Told you that was easy.

Here is the step for attaching a hair clip for little girls.
1.Aligator clips. By the way, many people ask me where to get clips. I think the best place is ordering online from here, Ribbonsandbowsohmy.com. I order 144 in a package for $14. I get single prong alligator clips. This site also makes sure that their hardwear is lead free if you are worried about that. This will last you for-ev-er and the clips are quality and the perfect size.
2. Ribbon (satin or grossgrain the same width as the clip)
3. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
4. A roll of shelf paper for $5 at Walmart. The waffle weave cushy white kind. One roll will make millions of clips. Below I cut off one strip from the end of the roll. If you need to see it better, go to this old post of mine. Uh huh. That's it. That's my secret and it works way better than lining the clip with felt.
Start at the bottom of the clip. See where I start gluing the ribbon on the bottom? On the bottom just at the base of the prong. You aren't going to put ribbon on the bottom prong. I used to and it was really tough to slide it into pony tails so now I don't. They work so much better this way. They slide easily in but don't slip out once closed shut.
Then wrap up and over the top, gluing as you go.
Flip the clip over so the bottom is on top. Pinching it open, glue ribbon along the top prong and inside edge of the top. Clip off excess. This picture is the best one for showing how all the ribbon should be glued.
Now cut a small piece of the shelf paper and glue on the inside edge over the ribbon .
It should look like this closed up. Just don't do what I have done countless times and closed it before the glue dries. Then I can't pry it back open and have to start over, haha!
Put glue along the ribbon on the top. Stick the clip to the flower back. And done. Even with one prong unlined, the flower isn't going places with that shelf paper attached. It stays in hair really well.
Even super fine hair like Ainsley's. However, I do also put in teeny tiny rubber bands first before putting in the clip. Her hairbows never fall out this way and will last all day long during rough play.
Now go dig out all of those hair clips you have lying around and start lining them. It'll save you from having to replace them because they slipped out for the umpteenth time.


  1. Thank you for the great, step by step tutorial! Call me ignorant of little girl hair thingamajigs but is the ribbon on the clip practical or to make it look nice? I understand the shelf liner but I don't quite get the ribbon. I need to know this as I might have a girl someday . . . :-)

  2. Just to make it look good so the clip doesn't show. You could easily skip the ribbon if you want. ;-)