Jun 13, 2011

My Kind of Morning

This morning I had a good cup of coffee in my favorite red mug uninterrupted. Yes, yes I did.

I hear quiet chatter of happy kids back in the bedroom and occasionally I see one or two pop out to let me know what they are doing, but this is a great morning. Tone bought me these mini tulips and I think they are just adorable. Tone has been in the habit lately of getting me flowers when he runs to the grocery store and seeing fresh flowers on the table makes me happy.
It's a great morning because I have my friend's girls over to play all morning.
Sometimes having my kid's friends over is SO not worth the effort. I end up solving fights and problems all morning or figuring out how to control someone else's children who obviously have very different house rules and standards of behavior. Not so these children. I would have these kids over ANY day of the week. I adore them. These kids are the kind of kids you have over because I know that they will all play so happy together, and basically I won't see them much until it's time to go home. I admire this friend's parenting and feel that I could learn from her example.They all decided to play with the Polly Pockets: these little plastic dolls with rubber clothes that squeeze on. Why they are so popular with kids is beyond me, but they are some of Ainsley's favorite toys especially since she has them in all the Disney princesses now too. (FYI, Hunter is wearing his vest Tone got him in Tibet. If you don't know why my child would wear such a strange outfit, you haven't been around my blog very long. Yes, we do costumes galore around here).
I found most of these for $2 in a large ziplock at our church's thrift store. Score! Pollies are not cheap at all.
(Sidenote: Did you know that bandaids with Strawberry Shortcake on them magically make any owie better? It's a true statement.)
Why are those dang Pollies so hard to dress? Those little rubber clothes are so hard to get on and every few minutes one of them is asking me to help. It's the only disruption to the morning, but I don't mind.
Tessa is loving being right in the mix though she thinks Pollies are for eating. I can hear her babbling and yelling monosyllables at everyone every few seconds so I know she thinks she is one of the "guys" and is in baby heaven.
Wow! I think I could possibly get some house chores done. I'm off to fold laundry. I swept, mopped and did dishes yesterday, so now I'm down to the chore I hate most. It must have been a good start to the day to make me feel motivated to do LAUNDRY of all things.

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