Jun 1, 2011

Time to clean

A week ago, I decided it was time for some major cleaning around here. Starting with the girl's room. Tessa no longer needed all of the infant things and the changing table had to get out of there as well. So I organized, purged, tossed, and made the room so much more clutter free. Here I am almost done and I just have to make the beds up.

Tessa also needed to be cleaned up, as she makes a mess while eating everyday and needs a bath, but somehow, she never ended up with more clothes on than her diaper afterwards. She's so happy naked that sometimes I just let her be that way.Looks like my living room needs some clean up back there, huh? The bear behind Tessa is what the kids thought Daddy should have for his birthday. A teddy bear dressed in a Sharks outfit as the hockey team was playing in the playoffs last week and we spent a week or so hearing Daddy yell at the TV every night they played (they lost, oops).
Daddy also decided that to celebrate his birthday, he wanted to smoke two racks of ribs, a tri tip and chicken. That meant I had to clean out the fridge. Here we are mid clean out. I didn't realize I had so much Prego chillin in there.

That gave Daddy room to put this in the fridge. Mmm, mmmm, mmmm! I love me some ribs.
And since my kitchen was already a mess, and I deserved a reward for all that cleaning, I made myself peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips in them. My fave!

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  1. Want to come to my house and clean?!? You've been on a roll! Looks good!