Jun 9, 2011

When my Garden Turns Magic

I love May and June. It's when my garden is reaching it's peak of perfection for the year. I do have more plants that bloom later in the summer and in the fall, so really, I always have flowers going, but May and June seem to be when my garden starts to get exciting. All but three bushes in my front yard die back to bare root in the winter, so in January and February, this looks mostly like bare dirt with a few bare branches sticking out. Lest you be fooled though, every square inch is crammed with some sort of bulb or bare root which starts making their appearances in March and reaches full bushy perfection sometime around now.My huge gladiolas have not yet boomed, so they just look like green spikes sticking up. Also, I have a HUGE hydrangea bush back there in full bloom in the corner but it's hidden by the tall bushes, but you can see it from the porch when standing in it. My pink rose tree is going crazy right now.
That huge green bush in the front left will soon be full of yellow daisy-looking flowers. It's full of buds right now.

I just planted the front walk full of petunias and marigolds which are tiny now, but will be huge and colorful in about a month. The pansies are what are providing most of the color for now, but they will die down in about month when the others start taking off. I plant them that way on purpose so I always have a very bright and colorful walkway. My day lillies are just starting to get going too this week.
I love driving up to the house and seeing what is blooming today as it changes day by day. I was gone for over a week and the first thing I did upon returning home three days ago was check out the garden. A week meant that it was full of new surprises. I know each plant, how they grow, and when they bloom. This hobby has been very rewarding, even in my tiny space. I just wish there was more room to cram more in because I always have a new type of plant I want to try. I love a garden crammed to the gills and overflowing. I don't like to see "space" during bloom time.


  1. Jenny, it's beautiful! What a lovely entrance to your home. I love the variety. So pretty!

    ♥ Bethany


  2. Your house is too cute! LOVE all those pretty flowers. My mother-in-law is currently re-doing our flowerbeds and I can hardly wait to see what she does with them :)

  3. It looks so lovely and inviting! Your pictures make me want to run outside and play in my own garden.