Jul 16, 2011

A Crasher

So I have been making a conscious effort lately to do more play time with the kiddos. They love to build elaborate systems from blocks, legos, tracks, and anything else we might have around here.Hunter begs for me to play with him everyday and usually I say I have something else to do. Which isn't a problem because Ainsley and Hunter play for hours together every morning, and I rarely hear a peep out of them. They have become such good playmates. Yesterday, I thought I would build a race track with Hunter, however, when both girls were taking their naps.
The tracks were booby trapped with dinosaurs who would eat cars if they didn't go fast enough.These handmade blocks that my dad made for my kids are the best toys ever. He sent a huge bin full. Simple toys are most often the best for the imagination. I think every child should have a huge set of blocks. We were having such a great time until a little problem showed up: Tessa. That party crasher who woke up from her nap.We first thought that we would distract her with Cheerios so she wouldn't destroy our track.
We started off with a bowl.
That lasted 10 seconds...maybe.
You can already see that this is going to be a challenge. She likes to crash the tracks, steal the cars, and making zooming noises with them across the floor.
I also thought I would try a little pony tail on top. It looks so dumb. I think I won't try this again until her hair is a bit longer. The girly side in me got carried away for a moment.

She's looking up at her big brother. She wants to do whatever he does. I'm pretty sure he doesn't feel the same way about her.
She is showing off her new trick where she attempts a summersault. She's brilliant and attempts this on the hard tile one foot away from soft carpet. But she spies a Cheerio behind her which distracts her from that crash the head.
She thinks she can get it.
Since we wouldn't let her touch the track, she found some other things to get into.
Mostly she likes just sitting in the same room where all the action is and pretending she's a part of it all.
By the way, she can stand now all by herself. She can even get to a standing position without pulling up on anything. She'll stand for a quite a while solidly without holding on to anything, and even dance and sway to music, but she won't take any steps.

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  1. How fun! I used to love playing with my brother's blocks. Simple toys are usually the best ones!