Jul 3, 2011

A Price for Freedom

For the fourth of July, I thought I would a post a couple pictures from my recent trip to Washington DC with my family and the area around. Here is Gettysburg. Those trees back there mark a spot called, "bloody angle", and a place where most of a regiment was wiped out while storming up the rise.

Here is the White House. There are snipers up on that roof. Yikes!

Oh, and I saw this plane. It took me a brief second for the name on the plane to click into the place it belongs in history. Wow.
And from the top of the Washington Monument, here is the pentagon. We all remember 9/11.
Yeah, there were many prices paid for our freedom. I am so glad our children get the opportunity to live in a land built on sacrifice and a dedication to that freedom.
Celebrate the fourth with gratitude in mind. Happy Fourth of July!

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  1. I just love DC. I especially loved it as a kid because it made all that "stuff" from the history books come alive.