Jul 17, 2011

Summer Reading

We haven't been to the library all summer. Mostly it's because I have my own personal library from teaching full of excellent, bright and colorful children's books. In fact, I have 4 bookshelves FULL of children's books. I have hundreds of books. Literally. My kids have PLENTY of reading material.Today, I didn't hear Ainsley for about a half hour. Odd for my chatterbox who flits around the house.
Guess what I found her doing? She had stacks of her favorite books around her and she was "reading" to herself. She was making up the stories from the pictures. I listened for quite a while. She had quite the intricate stories going from the pictures.
So I joined her and she was delighted. Here she is listening in fascination to the Alphabet Princess book.I love to read as much as the kids do. I always have a book club going around here. When Hunter was in school, I ordered TONS from the Scholastic book order. Now that he's not, we are part of a Dr. Seuss book club and now we have almost a full shelf of those type of books. Poor Hunter. On book club delivery day, his backpack was weighed down with a million books to bring home, but it was like Christmas to read them! I'm sure he is glad that they now arrive on the doorstep in a box.
This is a favorite book of his right now. "The Day the Goose Got Loose" illustrated by a favorite of mine, Steven Kellogg. They love to point to their favorite parts on the fanciful last page.
Here below are some current favorites. You ought to hear them giggle in the funny parts of each book. I have read these books over and over and over again in the last two weeks. Hunter even wrote his own book this week called, "Pigeon Wants a Warthog" to explain what might come next if the author kept writing in the book, "Pigeon Wants a Puppy". It is so good for kids to expand on what they are reading and make up their own stories using their favorites as a base (Yeah, seriously, I know. A WARTHOG??!! It's 6 year old humor). So when Hunter said, "Mommy, when I grow up, I'm going to write a book for the next part called, 'Pigeon Wants a Warthog'", I encouraged him to make it up right now. He loves to write and illustrate his own books. I helped him make the pages in his own paper book and he was thrilled to share his version with Daddy that night.He thought he was so clever and giggled about the whole idea of a warthog for a pet. I don't know about you, but hearing a deep belly laugh when reading a book to children and hearing the joy that comes from entering the world of an author and illustrator is a priceless thing.It didn't last long today before Hunter heard me reading to Ainsley in the next room and came running to get in on it.


  1. All of these lovely photos and sweet words just do this book loving Great Aunt's heart good! Thanks for sharing the sweetness! Oh and "Are You My Mother?" was one of my childhood favorites!

  2. Are book clubs a good deal, money-wise, or are they just convenient and fun?

  3. It greatly depends on the book club. The Dr. Seuss one I found is a good deal, and always the best deal is Scholastic through the school system. But shop around, because I have seen book clubs that really aren't at all and they don't really customize to fit you or your children.

  4. I remember the Scholastic book club and it was awesome!

    I love my Brother sewing machine. It came to me used and knocks a bit when sewing through thick fabric, but overall I've been really happy with it.

  5. That is so awesome you have hundreds of books for them to read! I hope I have such a wonderful library for my (so far) non-existent children some day.
    Reading was such a huge part of my life growing up & over the last year my library has exploded. There is so much to read! Better to start them young so they have the time to take it all in. You're such a wonderful mother!