Aug 26, 2011

Art and Books for Birthday Gifts

I think this is the season for more than back-to-school buying. We seem to be in the middle of an influx of birthday parties as well. As the invites keep coming in, I had a moment of panic. AAAK! I love each one of the kids to whose party we are attending. So how do I stay in budget and bring a gift that looks like some thought was put into it without breaking the bank? Also, most kids I know have such varied interests and too many toys anyways. What to DOOOO????

Enter idea number one for an elementary school aged child.

The art station with art supplies.
Since it's back to school time, the art and school supplies are pretty cheap and on sale. My kids LOVE to color and create and for the most part, so do most kids. So I bought crayons, markers, colored pencils, scissors, glue, watercolors, and fun lead pencils from the big school bins at Wally world. Then I found at Target the little buckets for a dollar and the plate for $.50. Yep. That was 50 cents. I hot glued the buckets down to the plate and then filled them with the goodies. Ta da! An art station. It's fun and thoughtful, but it doesn't break the bank. Wrap it up in some cellaphane and you are good to go. The big test was whether it passed muster with my kids. Since they both wanted it, I think it's a pretty good gift.

When it comes to buying gifts for anyone under 3, I usually panic even more and don't have a clue what to do. I mean what do little ones really like that they probably don't have already? So I thought about Tessa and her very very favorite thing. Books! So I bought Tessa's very favorite books for the little girl turning one tomorrow. We've read these two more than any others.

Over and over and over.

As you can see, Tessa thought these were hers when I brought them out to wrap them.
I wrapped them up in cute printed butterfly brown paper and tied it off with twine. I cut out a tag and attached an easy hair clip I made to it to give it some flourish. Rolled roses make darling hair clips so it's more than just a gift decoration.At any rate, I feel good that I am giving a gift that is more than just a junk toy that will end up in the corner in a couple days and bring more clutter into a home. I feel good that I am giving a gift that encourages the mind and creativity. I may just stick with this kind of gift in the future. I don't think art or books ever get old.

At least I hope not.

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  1. Great ideas! You know I believe in books as gifts. Long after they are done with the toys - or they are broken and forgotten - the books are treasured.
    My standard shower gift is a copy of the board book, Find the Duck and a rubber ducky (every baby needs one, right?). And my standard first birthday gift is a copy of the board book, Goodnight Gorilla. Now when the family has a second baby, then it gets complicated! :-)
    I love that you are giving copies of Tessa's favorite books. Smart!

  2. What wonderful and thoughtful gifts! I just love the look of the art station and the books are always a treasure. I just love reading what you come up with!

  3. I like your gift ideas! As a kid, I loved getting artsy stuff. You just can't go wrong with gifts like that.

  4. Books are the best gifts! I love how you wrapped them and the little clip is adorable.

  5. great ideas! I'm going to be jam packed with kid birthdays this fall... these are great!

  6. The colorful tins add so much to the
    package, plus everyone love little containers to store things in! I really like this idea!