Aug 4, 2011

Back from Bass Lake

The blog has been quiet for about two weeks, because it has been a whirlwind around here! The week before our family vacation to Bass Lake, we spent a lot of time out on the boat at a lake near our house and getting ready shopping and packing. Then we spent a week at Bass Lake during the last week of July and went straight from there to a wedding weekend in Salinas. I have just now got the house is some semblance of order and am sitting down to blog about it.

This year at Bass Lake was wonderful and we rented a long cabin with a huge front porch that looked right out over the lake. While everyone was on the morning boat run, my girls and I stayed behind so Tessa could take a long nap. Ainsley played quietly on the porch with her little dollies, and I got long uninterrupted quiet times while watching the wildlife that came and went right in front of me. There is nothing like drinking coffee, sitting in the morning sunshine while overlooking a beautiful setting.These geese and deer were very busy all morning eating the grasses around the front of the porch. The peace and quiet I had in the mornings was amazing! Everyone said they felt sad to leave me behind, but I was not feeling disappointed, let me tell you!Our cabin overlooked our little cove and swimming area. The kids spent a part of everyday down swimming in the water, playing on the log, jumping off the swim dock, and playing in the mud by the edge. Ainsley adores her Uncle Brad and spent the whole week just following him around.
Ainsley has become a much more confident swimmer this summer and has finally lost her fear of the water and will swim around in her life vest. This has been a long time coming, people, so we are stoked about this (do people say "stoked" anymore or am I just getting old?)!Hunter found many treasures that he used to make sandcastles.He found the little Indian guy buried in the mud and made him a whole little long house complete with his feather flag. Tessa loved the mud and played quite happily for a long time.Usually our swim area isn't this muddy, but nice and sandy, but the lake is down quite a bit this year while they retrofit the dam. So that means the water level is down in the muck. The kids didn't seem to care.Tessa not only made a disaster out of herself, but anyone else that came near her.She even managed to look a disaster sitting on the blanket in the shade.This is a little game we like to play called, "Fun with Sunscreen". It makes a nice hair gel for babies.Tessa cruises easily around the edges of furniture and stands great by herself, but is so so reluctant to take her first steps. Auntie Krista tried coaxing her for a long time. She finally took the first steps I ever saw her take to Hunter in the cabin that night while I was making dinner. That was short lived though because she hasn't taken any more in the last week.Hunter, however, is not so cautious. He is a little daredevil now in the water. He can wakeboard with Daddy behind the boat, and he loves a wild bumpy ride in the tube. He never wants off and will go forever. The big boys were not so cautious either. They were trying to launch themselves as far and high as they could across the wake. Tone can easily clear it now with big air and thus the helmet. After knocking himself out once a couple years ago, he isn't taking chances.
Me, however, I'm not such a daredevil. I mean I did my fair share of wild tube rides last week and certainly got launched into the air many times with big crashes. However, when it comes to kneeboarding, wakeboarding and skiing, I like my water to be glass. This lake is a small lake and full of boats making it choppy and like an ocean. I tried kneeboarding and got banged around out there and decided once for the week was enough. The lake by our house is always perfect water, even in the middle of the day, and I am now spoiled since we go about once a week during the summer. Bass Lake is only good for a crazy tube run I think.
One night I was the last run of the day before the lake closed for the night and the water was finally pretty decent so I decided to go for it. It was pretty nice wakeboarding at sunset in such beautiful scenery.

Bass Lake is gorgeous and I look forward to spending a whole week with my parents and siblings every year. This year was another wonderful year and the week sped by way too fast!

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  1. It looks like you guys had a great time and got a lot more sun than we did!