Aug 9, 2011

Boys on the Lake

The hubby is planning his last "Hurrah" of summer as he plans his yearly "Guys Weekend" on the lake near us. Those men who have sons will be bringing them up as well so there will be about 6 little ones from 4 to 7 running around making it 16 "boys" total. This all goes down for four days next weekend and I'll be planning some girly time with my little girls at home.
Hunter lives to tube and so does his good buddy from church. We took them out about a month ago, and we couldn't make them get off. Here they are laughing their heads off and giving Daddy the thumbs up to faster.
I am so glad these men are getting together to have a good clean time with each other and their sons. We've found that some wonderful friendships are forged having some fun on a summer lake!

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