Aug 25, 2011

Family Photo Wall Pennant

I have a family photo wall on the biggest wall of my living room. Tone made me that shelf when we lived in a little town house with no fireplace mantle and I needed a shelf to satiate my need to decorate a mantle. Now it's a shelf on which to put my favorite photos of my kids. This week I decided the shelf area was looking stale.
So I moved the canvas photo of my three kids in front of the widow frame mirror so it's smack dab in the middle and decided it needed a fun little pennant that said "family".

Sidenote: By the way, I get the BEST deals on photo canvases at I buy from them all the time with the coupons they regularly send me. Just go to the website and sign up.

Ainsley and Tessa wanted in on the craft action of course.
Because with the weather outside still being solidly in the 100's, it's still feeling like summer to me and a pennant screams my summery mood.
Ainsley helped me arrange the colors.
Then I cut the word, "family" on my die cut machine in a typewriter font.
I sewed the triangles to a piece of ribbon on my sewing machine.
So I kinda artistically draped it over the window frame mirror like so.
And then taped it really professionally with scotch tape.
Because I do things the professional way when I comes to my home....whatever.
And I'm loving that that frame is crooked (so my kids may or may not sometimes jump on the couch and knock the frames...even though it's strictly forbidden)
We have airplane knickknacks everywhere tucked around in our home.
It kinda just happens when you marry a pilot.
So it's not something you would ever see in a model home, but in my home it totally fits. I'll probably get tired of it before fall is even out and I'll switch this shelf all around again with some other crafty whatnot.
And this, my friends, is why my home will never look like a model home....oh that, and I have three small children.
And using to come up with a winner for the giveaway, it told me comment #11 should be my winner. So.......

That would be Lisa Plumb! Hooray!

But I'm planning another giveaway for next month so if you missed out, there will be another one soon!

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  1. So cute! I love the canvas print. And the airplanes. My husband is a Navy pilot (or, rather, he starts flight school next Mayish) and I am slowly collecting airplane things as well :)

    P.S. Love your music player. It's full of my favorite music. I may or may not leave your site open listening to it all day. ;)