Aug 30, 2011

Her Boogie Woogie Shoes

Tessa has been trying to take her first tentative steps the last couple of days. She goes three of four, maybe five steps and then drops to the ground. We had some places to go today where she was going to be outside a bit, so she needed shoes. These are my personal favorites even though I know soft soles are best for learning walkers. However this is the only pair she has that she can't really yank off and I was in no mood to search for shoes today.Besides, how can one resist bright red tennis shoes which are teeny tiny? I can't. She has very small feet just like the rest of the family so they are especially small and cute for a one year old. I adore these on her. That and the fact she also has a bright red cheerleading looking type of dress that she wore with it today.

Go Te-ssa. Go Te-ssa.

She was quite wild today and attempting to walk more than ever before. I blame it on the red shoes.
I was trying to fold laundry and put it in the basket to put away. Tessa thought the basket looked like a great climbing toy.
In and out. In and out, she went. And yes, those would be fresh clean clothes folded in there.
They are not that neatly folded anymore. Thanks so much Tessa. Luckily it's the kid's clothes so guess what? They are not getting rewashed but are going in their drawers anyways. I'm beyond caring.
I really don't think she much cares anyways.
*Sigh*. Chores with children takes a 1,000 times longer, but they are such a fun distraction.

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  1. Tessa's shoes are adorable! She's looking more and more like a big girl!