Aug 20, 2011

Hero Worship

I have two sisters and so when I ended up with two girls, I had grand visions of the girls sharing a room and playing girly dress-up together and sharing girly secrets and shopping and gossiping and crafting and...and...and.

And while I'm sure that this day will come, the reality is that right now, they are way too young. Tessa would much rather pal around with her brother, while Ainsley could care less if Tessa is around. Ainsley flits around in her own world and when she tries to engage Tessa, it ends up more in a fiasco of tears because Ainsley has no idea how to entertain a baby. Ainsley has great intentions...they just don't usually pan out well.

Hunter, on the other hand, is the best babysitter ever! He is the reason I get showers and I don't stink most of the time (all of my friends should be thanking him now too). True statement. He is marvelous with her and he dutifully entertains her all day long for me. In the morning, he waits for her to get up and begs to take her into the living room so he can play with her. He is just absolutely delighted by the fact that she is in his day.
He's always hoisting her around under her arms and taking her around the house or moving her to safer locations. He's my extra set of eyes and lets me know what she is up to (or into usually). We all find Tessa delightfully funny with her antics, but Hunter especially giggles at all the right times. He knows just how to pull those deep belly laughs out of her too. He seems to know the right amount of roughness that she can take and how much is too much. Yesterday saw Hunter pushing her up and down the sidewalk in her little car as fast as she could take it.In return, Tessa follows him around the house, destroys his elaborate toy designs and projects and creates quite a nuisance for herself. Hunter doesn't complain too much unless he is the middle of a big floor project with blocks, tracks or legos. However, Tessa has given him her first smiles, laughs and steps. It's true hero worship on her end.
The only time Hunter zones out is when he is playing a computer game (which we limit because he is super duper addicted). Even then, Tessa just couldn't leave Hunter alone and HAD to know what he was doing up there. She must be in the "know" when it comes to Hunter at all times. At one point she had both feet up on the chair bottom craning as high as she could to see. This is how she acts around her brother. It's quite possibly the cutest thing ever.

I am quite proud of how much Hunter adores both sisters (and visa versa) and is entertained by them for hours. Yesterday and today we purposefully didn't go anywhere and the kids played and played and played together all day long. It's important to me to cultivate that family closeness and to enforce the fact that siblings are forever friends and we work hard on that around here.

I'm just super glad it's actually working.

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  1. That's sweet! What a good big brother. She'll be critiquing the girls he brings home years from now because of this closeness. Ah, I love it!

    Your new layout looks great!

  2. New here-your kids are adorable and this is such a precious post! There's nothing like sibling love!

  3. So sweet! This reminds me of my relationship with my older brothers. I adored them as a little girl. And love them with all my heart now.

  4. It was always my sister and I growing up so I wondered what it would be like with my boy and girl combo. They are best buddies too! Is it not the sweetest thing ever?!

  5. Her hair is so blonde! I hope my little boy continues to look up to his big sister as he gets older.

    Jamie @