Aug 10, 2011

The "Magic" Post-It trick

This was probably the best Dollar Store purchase ever. These glasses have entertained them all afternoon. These two have been the best and worst of buds lately. When one is gone, they can't stand it and miss each other. For the most part they have played super well together all day long, but I can tell the summer is growing long. There has been an increase in the arguing too. I hate solving kid fights because it drags me right into it. Rise above, Jen, rise above! I have no interest in figuring out who had what first, etc. So I went with my 'ol "post it" on the fridge trick again. Problem solved in one day. It's magic.
Oh, you want to know the magic trick? Totally always works when my kids start having a week where there is too much bickering. Disclaimer: I am not the one who thought this up. All my parenting brilliancy I learned was from somewhere else.
It's so basic it's almost dumb. And brilliant. And my sanity saver! All rolled into one.
I put the numbers one through five on the post it on the fridge. When I hear fighting, I circle a number. I refuse to engage in it, or do any refereeing at all. Just one number circled per fight. If I get all five circled, they go to their room for the rest of the day except for meals and bathroom. I figure if you can't get along, then you can be excused from the family for the day. I don't solve the fights at all as they need to figure it out on their own together. They know how to share, be kind, and the house rules. If they keep fighting and whining to me while I am circling, I calmly circle another number. That usually stops it and they slink off and start whispering about how to solve their problem together and compromise. If any are circled at all at the end of the day, no dessert after dinner. Just so you know, I've totally sent them to their rooms for the rest of the day and they know I'm serious. Yesterday, I started a noon and circled three by dinner time. So no dessert. Today I didn't even have to circle one. They played happily together all day and solved their own problems. Hurrah for the magic "post it" trick! I probably have to pull it out every three months or so when it seems the bickering is reaching a new level in our house. The first time I used it (over a year ago now), it took a week with two days in their rooms. Now it takes one or two days and peace reigns again in the Plumb household. See, I told you it's so brilliant it's dumb.
I can't imagine why you wouldn't believe these two aren't angels all the time, anyways.


  1. this. is. awesome.
    i'm totally doing it.
    thanks jenny.
    we are back at school next week!
    i can hardly wait.
    hee hee.

  2. Great "trick" and love, love, love the photos! SO hilarious.