Aug 15, 2011

The Nook Nerds

There was some serious excitement running high around here this weekend.
The two boys of mine were sent off on their annual "guys boating/camping weekend" at the lake, and I got to hang out with my girl friends all weekend while their boys were off playing with my boys. Fun times were had by all in all locations. Not only did I have a great time with a couple of my two best girlfriends, but I also received something in the mail on Thursday that I had saved for from etsy shop sales for a little while. Can you guess what it is from this picture? I sewed this cover for it today and it's securely inside....
It's a Nook Color from Barnes and Noble! Hurrah! I have joined "nerdom". I swore I would never buy an e-reader or tablet. I stuck my nose in the air for about a year and spouted words like "I like the touch and smell of real pages, etc." Blah, blah, blah. I had no idea....
But after seeing my mom's Kindle and Tone's ipad, I was sucked in and bought something in middle ground that is better than just an e-reader, but not quite as fancy as the ipad. I can browse the internet, read all my fave blogs, answer my email, and respond to my etsy shop, and there are quite a few apps as well, but it's still lightweight and set up for mostly reading books. I have already finished 4 books since Thursday and am loving downloading books in 2 seconds right to it. One reason I bought it was for the illustrated children's books you can get on it. Hunter was mildly impressed with the books. Ainsley loved them. Hunter mostly just thinks that this is a small tablet worth $250 bought for the sole purpose of being an "Angry Birds" player. The kid is seriously addicted. I had him listen to a few kids books before letting him download and play the game just to prove it was more than a gaming device. So far....he still thinks it's an awesome, handheld gaming device.I've seriously had to rescue it a few times from the Nook hog (ahem, Hunter), so I could get a chance at my own Nook. He doesn't believe it belongs purely to me. By the way, when you are a mother, does anything truly belong truly to me?At any rate, he got so carried away, he found out where you could download more apps, and bought and downloaded the second series of Angry Bird games. So he had to cough up two bucks of his own money since he didn't ask me first and that's how much it cost. He's too tech savvy for his own good. He carefully hoards his quarters, so I doubt he'll be doing that again since he wasn't thrilled I made him then pay for it.

Tessa was teething all weekend a particularly nasty back molar, so she was a crankpot. Daddy does a lot better with her, and so I was thrilled when he got home to rock her when she got cranky. They also love to wrestle, wallow, and tickle on the couch. It's her most favorite game.
I have not been able to get her laugh on the camera for the life of me lately me. My shutter button seems to just miss it every time. It took a tickle session with Daddy this afternoon and I got this one. Yay, for Daddy being home!
Tessa is the one child who could care less about the Nook. I tried.
SHE tried throwing it in disgust so that didn't go over well. She likes the real deal.
She chuckles while I read to her, is entranced in the pages, and screams for books and practically forces me to read to her. She grabs her books and pulls herself into my lap or yells until I read her several.
She's kinda old fashioned like that. You know, real paper and all.

PS. I took pictures of how I made the cover and will post a tutorial soon for making a padded e-reader cover for any brand of e-reader.


  1. Ooohh! I like the Nook's case! My mom has always said that when you're a mom nothing belongs solely to you. Guess I have that to look forward too...ha!

  2. I caught up on all your blog posts today. I do so love your blog and you, Sweetie!