Aug 18, 2011

The Summer Recap

School for us starts on Monday.
My favorite season is now drawing to a close.
I thought I would give a little recap for you.

The season started off with a bang with the girls birthday and a two week trip in Washington DC to visit my family over Memorial Day weekend at my brother's house, and then to visit the sites with Tone's family in their motorhome. Uh huh, back up the truck. I really just said that. I was with my in-laws in a motorhome with all my kids, Tone, and my nieces and nephew. And I had to fly there and back standby by myself and the kids with an 8 hour layover each way. Call me crazy! Guess I just really love family.
The next fun adventure was two weeks later at Dinkey Creek campground with our church's Lifegroup. Five couples, 11 small kids. It was a dirty but fun time!Throughout the whole summer we went to the big water park (we have passes) or the free splash parks around town. Without a pool in our postage stamp of a backyard, it's how we survive the heat. We went at least once a week, often more. The kids also had a month of swim lessons, but I failed and didn't get one picture since I was in the water with Tessa in the "mommy and me" class.There were some cooler days believe it or not, so we utilized our zoo passes. Tessa was old enough to finally get excited about the animals. Don't freak out, that's not a real lizard they're sitting on...though it looks so lifelike that the kids ALWAYS have to sit on it when we visit the zoo. Every. Single. Time. You should congratulate me though. That lizard provided the very first picture I ever took of all three kids smiling together. EVER. Next time we'll work on everyone looking at the camera at the same time. Baby steps, here guys.Every week, we went out at least one day on the boat as well. Hunter has become quite the daredevil.We ended July joining my family up at Bass Lake for the week. So much fun spending time with my siblings and parents boating, and swimming.We went straight from Bass so I could be in my friend's wedding. There was lots of wedding shower love this summer and it was a gorgeous wedding on Carmel beach.So you see why I hate to see summer leave, right? Although it's still hotter than blue blazes outside so I'm determined school will not keep us from our water fun for at least another month or two. That's the beauty of homeschooling.

There's only one reason to wish summer along a little faster this year. I usually don't look forward to the fall and cooler weather, but this year I am. My little sister, Krista, who lives with her husband in Texas, just announced they are moving to MY city in October! Hurrah! I just can't wait!

So in honor of our few and last summer days, we went and played out on the front lawn today in that golden time of evening when the sun is setting and the light is all perfect. I just found these striped canvas shoes for $5 and they are the most comfortable things. Almost as good as my flipflops which is saying a lot. I gotta have some shoes that are as comfortable for those colder months ahead you know.The kids were having the best time rolling around on the freshly mowed lawn, courtesy of Tone. Yes, I am THAT mom who dressed them all in nautical blue today. They were cute, alright!?
I got them some new books in the dollar bin at Target today and they've been reading them since we got home. They even brought them out on the grass and read them. I guess we really are ready for Monday aren't we?
Bring on SCHOOL!

And by the way, if you've made it this far through the post, you should know I've saved the best for last. Tomorrow I am hosting August's giveaway and it's pretty cool! Oh you didn't know I am doing monthly giveaways? That's because I just announced it. Obvs. I have another pretty cool one planned for September.

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