Aug 5, 2011

Twins...for realsy!

No not me. I am done in the children department, and Tone and I made sure of that....permanently. Mostly because the women (including me) in my family get pregnant WAY too easy. We already have one extra "surprise" child with Tessa. Haha!

But my sister, Katie, on the other hand, welllllll, guess what?!

Katie IS that that TLC show, "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant". Have you seen it? Well, buckle in for this's a worth a good laugh.

So three weeks ago, Katie called me saying that she just found out that day that she was pregnant. It isn't very good timing for Katie and Brad, but you know, God knows best, right? These things have a way of working themselves out so I was SO excited to have a sibling that was FINALLY HAVING A BABY and so were they! She told me though that since she had taken the test, the last three months kinda clicked and she thought she might be 12 weeks since she was already starting to pop out a bit and had some other signs and symptoms that she had dismissed as stress. Therefore, she suspected she might be farther along. Maybe just a little bit.
You know, maybe a couple months or three at the most....

Oh haha! The story gets better....

So she goes in for an ultrasound the next week. The ultrasound tech first tells them that they are 17 weeks. My other sister, Krista, who is sitting there with Brad too, starts thinking this is quite funny and gets ready to start cracking the jokes....I'm not so sure Katie and Brad thought it was all that funny. Due dates were getting calculated for December 31st which is pretty soon!

Brad was told whatever is white on the screen is bone. So he sees some white over the baby's head and asks what that might be. The tech goes dead silent and starts searching around more. Turns out it was the feet....of another baby!

Then she announces that she's 98.999% sure it's twins and shows them the other one. Brad goes into shock, and Krista is trying to hold in the giggles.

I mean really? How does that happen? In one week, "I'm pregnant", to "Actually you're 17 weeks....and it's TWINS!"

And it only took one week to go from "my tummy looks a little full and maybe I'm pregnant" to this:
I mean...Clearly. No doubt about it. They (Katie, Brad, and Krista) drove straight from the ultrasound up to Bass Lake where the rest of us were excitedly waiting since we got the phone call with the news from them right after the ultrasound. I saw Krista with her head out of the car window roll up to cabin and say, "We're here!" Katie stuck hers out and yelled, "All five of us!" I have never wanted to laugh so hard. Krista then snapped this phone picture. Our family is really really excited about these two new little people who are currently being called, "Thing 1 and Thing 2" from The Cat in the Hat. They each have their own placenta so it's unclear whether they are identical or fraternal, but since that's so much healthier for the babies, it's a great thing. Brad and Katie are hoping for at least one girl. They will be finding out in another ultrasound. These two babies are already so loved.

You know what Tone is most excited about? We can finally empty out the garage of the millions of baby things that I kept "just in case one of my siblings gets pregnant". Good thinking on my part, right???!!


  1. So I finally have to comment here...WOW! And congrats to Katie!
    Katy Rowan

  2. How exciting!! And congratulations to her!!

  3. this is so awesome. what a beautiful story of life. i love it!!! thank you for sharing jenny!

  4. Whaaat?!! That's crazy!! Congrats to your family - how exciting!! Hope she has a great pregnancy and "easy" delivery!! Love your blog! :)

  5. OH MY GOODNESS! What a surprise! Congratulations to your sister!

  6. Congratulations Katie! I see aunt Jenny making many pairs of matching shoes very soon :)