Aug 8, 2011

Vinyl Flowers - Take 1

Ooo, ooo, ooo! Sometimes I get these brilliant ideas!
....that totally don't work out.
Well, Ok, so I was playing around more with the whole vinyl as a flower thing and discovered something very strategic. Hot glue doesn't work on the shiny side. Just the cotton underside. Good to know. Probably something good to know ahead of time. Just sayin'. So I tried this flower which would have been more awesome if hadn't of kept coming apart because the glue just peeled right off the vinyl. I finally got it to stay and turned it into a pin, but was it tutorial worthy?No. No, it was not. However, something good can come from nothing and I discovered through this post that you can print right on a paper bag. I guess if I had thought about it for 2 seconds, I could have figured that one out, but anyways, I wanted to attach a brooch pin as part of the decoration on a paper bag wrapping for a gift and came up with this: Polka dotted ribbon threaded through the top and a quick design made on my computer program and done! (Well, actually it took me about 4 bags to figure out how to get my printer settings right, but still, now I know for next time and it's all saved on my computer).
Don't look at the pin, look at the bag. Look at the bag! The pin is purposely blurry or you would see a lot of glue sticking out and some wonky parts. I'll still wear it, but will I teach the world how to make it on this blog?

No, no, I will not.

Don't worry, the recipient will get a different pin. This picture was for demonstration purposes only.

1 comment:

  1. You have lovely eyelashes. I'm jealous.

    The bags are great! I'm going to have to check that out.

    The flower looks good too, even though if it is a bit messed up. I'm the queen of projects gone wrong...ha!