Aug 29, 2011

"A" week

Last week was the first week of school for Hunter and Ainsley. Hunter is in second grade this year and Ainsley is doing pre-K with me. I'm not a big fan of preschool though everyone I know seems to be. That's OK, but it's just not for me and I'd rather do it at home. It seems to take us about 2 and half hours each day to do all the subjects and that includes electives like Bible, History, Science, Art, Spanish and Music though we only do one of those each day (with the exception of Bible which we open with every day). It's amazing how much faster you fly through the subjects with only one student even though he's doing harder work than he would be doing at school.

Hunter has an extra grammar book and reader this year and his comment after the first day of school was, "Mommy, are we going to have to do that much work every day???" That would be a yes. And I'm not feeling sorry for him since he gets done by noon. Sheesh.

Ainsley is doing a letter a week with some simple activities and also shapes, colors, patterns, numbers, sorting, etc. This week she learned "A is for a, a, a, a, ALLIGATOR!" It's only effective if you scream the alligator really loud and make his big teeth chomp while you do it. Apparently at least so if you are four years old. She gets big yellow pocket charts on the wall for her letter of the week.

Friday is art day, so we did apple printing in honor of her "A" week and the first week back to school.
They really loved being messy in the red paint. Of course.
Hunter made sure that his were all evenly inked with no blank spots showing. That's my typical type "A" boy.
When the apples dried, they drew on them and made them into apple characters. Hunter's apples all ended up being monsters and pirates.
Ainsley said all of her's were princesses and fairies when she was done. And then she drew on the ones I did on my page and made them "better" as you can see up above. Thanks for that vote of confidence, Ainsley.
What? Oh yeah, I did a page too as the "example". Or maybe just because I like art too. And why not? My kids really look forward to Friday as "art" day and it's the highlight of their school week.

Lets be honest.

Mine too.

Friday is also "pizza and movie night". Tone is always working on Friday nights so as a treat, we get Little Caesar's Pizza for $5 and watch a new kids movie on Netflix. It's a fun end to the week and they look forward to it. It has become tradition and solves one dinner when he is gone.

Friday is shaping up to be a great day in the week.


  1. I like that Hunter gets to do art for school without a shirt. what a deal! Looks like a nice benefit to doing school at home. :-)

  2. Hmmm, cursive in second grade and those worksheets.... That looks suspiciously like Abeka! Enjoy it while school is so fun. I am in the middle of planning a Jr. High English class and it isn't nearly as much fun as apple prints :)