Sep 30, 2011

And the Twins Are....

Katie had another ultrasound today. She found out for sure what she is having.
Here is hint number 1:

Here is hint #2. I just love this etsy shop and all of their cute prints.

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

So you guessed it. Pretty obvious right? Twin girls. How exciting is that? They were hoping for at least one girl as their first wish. I guess they hit the jackpot.

I guess it's fitting that I posted pictures of uber girly shoes today. It's the day for GIRLS!

Series in Red: Coral, Red and Sparkle

If yesterday was a little too masculine for you, then today's couldn't be any more uber feminine. I am a BIG fan of this artist's blog and I "oo" and "aw" at every single post. The downside when comparing is, she is a master with photography and photoshop and my photos just don't hold a candle when held side by side. But regardless, it was the colors and sparkle in the photo that inspired these shoes.
I had some pretty coral vintage cotton fabric that wasn't pink and wasn't orange but somewhere in between in a beautiful coral. I made a couple of red satin yoyos with sparkling jewel center that reminded me of the sparkle coming off the wheels of the bicycle. A little bit of eyelet lace peeking out just adds some extra sweetness like her white dress and blowing scarf in the photo.
And here you are. Sweet little uber girly shoes in size 6 months (4.25 inches long or size 2). They are available in the paypal link below on a first come basis. $35 for the pair with $2 shipping.
That's also it for the weekend and I'll pick this series back up on Monday.
Enjoy your weekend!

Coral, red and sparkle baby shoes, size 2:

Sep 29, 2011

Series in Red: Tweed, Spats, and Roses

For this next post, I simply went off of a feeling I got from looking at this picture and the one below. The pictures were in hues of greys and it felt very masculine and heavy with strong lines and contrast. And then there was that fun bit of red color that would turn an ordinary drab photo into one of contrast and interest that draws you in.

So my thoughts drew on the color, contrast, and the masculine feeling to think up these shoes. These are possibly the most loosely related to the pictures, though these pictures were the inspiration for them. They are made from a heavy, knobby grey/black tweed and I put a white masculine toe guard on the front with buttons that remind of spats to add high contrast. To add in the fun feminine element that makes the photos above really stand out, I made the toe guards have a scallop and there is a red rose on the front.
They seem very tailored and old fashioned to me - almost turn of the century. They would be darling with some vintage clothing for a photo shoot.
These are small and in a size 2 (6 months, 4.25 inches long). This pair is available below using the paypal link on a first come basis. Since they are one-of-a-kind, they are being sold for a little more than they would in my shop at $35 plus $2 shipping.

Tweed baby shoes, size 2:

Sep 28, 2011

Series in Red: Polka Dots Shoes

Seriously, I don't think that any series in red is complete without black and white polka dots with red accents. You just don't get more iconic than that right? I would love a skirt like the one up above. Worn with red heels of course.
It's not just in clothing styles: How about this cute little table for two? I would be very happy sitting here. Maybe with a good book or companion and some yummy coffee.

Anyhow, out I pulled my black and white stash of fabric which I have used only for black and white shoes. The limited color choice of only black and white has worked well since one pair happens to be a best seller in the shop: The Little Black Dress Shoes. However, this is red week, so we are going bright!
This time I made them a more elegant ankle strap bootie, and gathered up and piled on a bunch of red satin. I wanted to stay away from cutesy flowers and make this style a little more up-town as polka dots can go either way but often very quickly get too cute for me. These ended up perfect in my opinion as darling for a baby, but still elegant.
While I could actually add these to the shop as the materials are more readily available than on some of my other shoes, I'm not sure I want to because the gathered red satin is pretty time intensive. I think for now, this is the only pair I will be selling. They are size 12 months or 4.75 inches long (approximately a size 3 or 4). The paypal button below will let you purchase them if you are the first buyer.

Polka dot booties with red satin in size 12 months:

Sep 27, 2011

Series in Red: Sea Foam and Red Velvet Shoes

Isn't this above photo just gorgeous? It's a vintage Vogue photograph and I just love it! I've wanted a red swimsuit cut in a vintage style for a while now. Anyhow, what really grabbed me was the colors. The blue is just a perfect sea foam color. Not quite a sky blue, but infused with some teal and yellow-green. I immediately thought of some perfect hand-dyed vintage fabric that was this perfect color. I love the color because it's a perfect happy blue. Not sky blue, not a bright teal, and not quite green either.
I wish you could see here, but since the fabric is hand-dyed, it has lovely shades and slight pretty color variances. This first photo seems to have gotten the shade pictured just right. And because I loved seeing the texture on the ladies hats, I decided to add in some texture by adding a swatch of red velvet across the toe. I gathered the swatch with a vintage button sewn on.
These shoes are very fun and happy while being a bit luxurious. They were made in size 6 months or size 2. I can see them worn with some jeans and pretty floral shirt.
As I said before, this little pair is available for sale. I am only making the one pair. Since they are special and one-of-a-kind with unique trimmings and fabric they will be selling for $35 (just a little more than my shop shoes which are made of supplies which are more readily available for duplication) plus $2 shipping. Click on the secure paypal link below to purchase:

Sea Foam and Red Velvet in size 6 months:

Sep 26, 2011

Like a Fat Kid With Cake

I gave her a lollipop.
It was banana flavored.
She doesn't get much sugar so this was a special treat.
She smacked and smacked on it and would not put it down.
It was like I handed her the moon. I've never seen a kid so happy.
Or a mouth so sticky. But could I pry it out of her little hands?
No. No I could not.
It was like a fat kid with cake.
Or a skinny, sugar-deprived one year old with her first lollipop.
It was THAT good.

Series in Red: Gingham Shoes

Here is the first photo from "A Series in Red" which is a series of posts about shoes I am making from various inspiration on the web. They are one-of-a-kind and I am not sure that I will make any more than the one pair. I loved the above photo which spoke of summer fun, vintage appeal, gingham, and hues of denim blue and red gingham. Of course, I am a "vintage-loving, spending time on the lake dock" kind of gal anyways. Don't those ladies look like they are just having so much fun together? Lake days are my favorite.

The denim in my shoes I created is just the perfect shade of dark denim like my favorite pair of jeans worn cuffed. I had some red gingham fabric from the 70's that I made into a little flower and I added a pop of the same fabric to the insole of the shoes. My favorite part of the whole thing though is the vintage binding in white that goes across the toe. This was scored from a vintage stash that also held the red gingham. Isn't it precious?

I put them on Tessa briefly for a quick picture so that you can see how cute they really are. They are made in 6 month size (4.25 inches long), but Tessa has really small feet and still wears size 2.

As I said before, this little pair is available for sale. I am only making the one. Since they are special and one-of-a-kind with unique trimmings and fabric they will be selling for $35 (just a little more than my shop shoes which are made of supplies which are more readily available for duplication) plus $2 shipping. Click on the secure paypal link below to purchase:

Gingham baby shoes, Size 2

Sep 25, 2011

A Series in Red

Every now and then I get stuck creatively. I've been stuck for a while and I wanted to challenge myself so I am doing a series this week (or two) called "A Series in Red".

I picked a color: Red. Then I pinned to pinterest some interesting photos in red that for some reason or another grabbed my attention. The photo might have been all red or with a tiny pop of red, but somehow red had to be included. Then I designed a shoe around that inspiration. This is how I create shoes anyways, I see something that inspires an idea, but this was a more concentrated challenge. I think only one pair designed so far is ALL red. Most just have a pop of red.

I have so far created seven with about four more in my head that I just have to sew up and bring to fruition. Many of the shoes are made from vintage or one-of-a-kind materials, so I am not going to necessarily add these styles to my shop as I may not be able to duplicate them. Some are really cutesy baby shoes, and some are more abstract and conceptual. I did this as an art form and not as a money maker. I hope to list one pair a day until I am out of ideas or over the color of red (whichever comes first. Ha!). However, I will offer the one pair I made here on my blog at the end of each post with a paypal link. There will be one pair in one size up for grabs if anyone wants them. The size will either be 6 months or 12 months as these are my most popular sizes.

I'm working on my first "A Series in Red" post and it'll be up tomorrow at noon.
See you then!

Sep 24, 2011

T is for Tea time

Ainsley is learning the letter "T" this last week (we aren't doing the alphabet in order) and I thought we would have a little tea party with real tea, cream, and terrific triangle toast (toast with jam or brown sugar and cinnamon cut into triangles). Hey now, the tea was cold and decaf and the cream was coffee creamer to sweeten it so it was kid friendly. They snarfed it all down.Hunter decided his green shirt wasn't fancy enough and went and put on his costume uniform shirt which looks like Daddy's. Ainsley started off with purple wings and purple sparkled skirt, but at some point she chucked the wings out of annoyance. Also, a tea party is hard with a one year old toast-swiper.I think it's funny how into this Hunter got as well. I think he mostly just wanted the good food and knew where it was at. However, he was NOT sticking his little pinky up when he drank like Ainsley.

A little one year old then swiped my chair. Oh well, my knees were on each side of the table anyways so I didn't really fit.
What's so funny, Tessa?
Oh, Hunter's teasing her as usual.

I thought we might work on manners. What was I smoking thinking that some manners were going to magically rub off just because it was a tea party? Ainsley licked the plate. All over. Several times...making sure she got all the sugar up. So ladylike.It's Okay though, because I may, or may not have, licked my fingers to get yummy jam off before I thought about it. I guess I know where they get some of their manners.
Tessa of course, had to stick her hand in the creamer to check it out.
Growing up and to this day, my mom always had us set the table the right way before every meal with utensils in the right spot and folded napkins. Me? I kinda slap the stuff we need down and hope I get it all on before the kids see me and start trying to sneak food. I try to get them to help set the table, but it's super chaotic right when I'm getting food on, so right now, that's not always happening. I'm letting you know just in the spirit of being real.
And in the spirit of being real about dinner time, you know how they say that families that eat together have good quality time and bonding? I don't think they mean families with all young children. We eat together, but it's not our best quality time. It's training time.
"Eat your food."
"Lean over your plate."
"You're dripping."
"Don't use your shirt, use your napkin."
"Sit up closer to the table."
"Don't tease your sister when we are eating."
"Yes, you have to eat ALL of that."
"Smaller bites, please."

I try valiantly to make conversation that the kids can enjoy, but really and's mostly training. I'd love to know at what stage it stops being training and starts becoming quality.

Shoot, maybe we DO need more tea parties.

Sep 23, 2011

New Girl, New Blankie

My apologies for another post with kids in the same outfits, but I took a series of photos on Wednesday morning that lent itself to several different posts. I was actually taking pictures of a fun activity we did, and I'll share that tomorrow. While I was setting it up though, Tessa was following me around, tottering on her newly found legs and pulling her blankie behind her. I couldn't resist some pictures. I thought I would share some of her with her blanket which now needs to go everywhere with her. My other two became attached to their blankets (Ainsley still very much is, and Hunter still often has his at night), and wondered if Tessa would .
That would be a yes.
Here she is with it in October of last year rolling around. Boy, was she a chunky baby, and she has slimmed down and gotten so tall and skinny (that would be a family pattern).
The funny girl can barely walk yet and she insists on carrying her blanket everywhere which gets caught all up in her legs. Usually, she's carrying it as high as she can under her chin with both hands while she tries to get across the room without tripping on it or her own feet. Something that is still hard for her to do WITHOUT the blanket. Silly girl!
She likes to just put her head on it and rest whenever she gets tired.
Tessa is a climber which is makes the blanket even funnier. She pulls it up behind her everywhere she goes. There is a little rocker which sits in the living room, and she pushes it around and uses it as a stool to get up on furniture. Somehow, she manages to get her blankie up there as well every time.
Ainsley still NEVER forgets her blankie ("Nanny" as she has always affectionately called it for some unknown reason) and has even snuck it into her Sunday School Class when I wasn't paying attention. It also travels with her everywhere around the house. Here we go with girl and blanket number 2. And if I forget to put Tessa's in the car with her, she tries to steal Ainsley's.
You can probably imagine how that goes over.
For the sake of my sanity, I try to remember.

Sep 22, 2011

Almost Big Enough

The kids were doing Ainsley's favorite letter computer activity on and Tessa also wanted in on the action. Like really bad.
Ainsley can't maneuver the mouse very well yet, so she points and tells Hunter what to do and Hunter does it for her. is amazing and I credit both of my children learning their letters through this online program of activities. It's really cute too with catchy little songs.
Finally, I pushed a chair up so Tessa could see too. She still wasn't tall enough.
But she kept inching closer and closer.
She can almost grab the mouse now and the keyboard.
I didn't get a picture of the last shot of her standing up on the chair and grabbing for the computer because I was rescuing both her and the computer while Hunter was yelling at her.

It was awfully cute while it lasted.

After that she sat in my lap to watch.

Better viewing for her...and safer.

Sep 21, 2011

Camping at Hume Lake

I forgot to post pictures of our camping trip a couple weeks ago. We had a blast with our same group of friends that went last time at the beginning of the summer. We chose Hume lake which is also a church camp and resort type of place with camps for all ages around the lake. We stayed in the state campground an easy ten minute bike ride to the main camp (two minutes of you aren't trying to bike with kids with training wheels). I grew up going to church camp there.

We walked down to the elementary camp because I remembered at one point they had a playground. Not true. It is no longer there, but they did have a cool tire swing and a fort with a raft you can push across to it.The little girls were content with a pine cone and their own stump.We didn't know it when booking our trip, but it was search and rescue demo weekend at the lake with fire fighters, rescue helicopters doing demo lifts of people out of the lake, guard dogs, and other such fun demonstrations for two days. The boys (small and big) were absolutely thrilled.
We watched this helicopter life lift a dummy off the ground and on board. Cool!Ainsley thought it was mildly interesting but was more interested in picking wild flowers and pretending to marry Marty, one of the little boys with us. I'm not too sure that Marty was all that interested though.Tessa's main attraction was the sand toys in the dirt. It kept her messy and happy most of the time.Hunter has not been sick since the last time we went camping and on day two, he was throw up sick again. He slept it off in the afternoon and was better then next day. The best line of the week was when he finally emerged from the tent and told me,
"Mommy! I just CAN'T be allergic to camping!!!"
Oh poor kid!
The other highlight of the weekend was when I went to tuck Hunter tighter in his covers late at night. He was sound asleep and as I pulled them up around his chin, my hand closed on something smooth and damp that was about the length of my hand. I thought it was some plastic toy. I picked it up and it wriggled. I screamed, dropped it, grabbed a light and saw a salamander crawling across the sleeping bag. I caught it again and put it in a dishtub for the boys to find in the morning and enjoy. They all thoroughly did.

Note to self: Always zip the tent fly during the day. You never know what might meander in and share you bed with you at night. I was rather creeped out crawling into my bed imagining all the possibilities after that.
You know what I heard about 10 billion times the next morning?
"Mommy, don't you think a salamander would be a great pet?"
"I wish I could have a salamander."
"Don't you think the salamander is cool as a pet?"
"How do you take care of a pet salamander?"
"Mommy, I wish I could have a salamander as a pet."

Needless to say, about midmorning I made the boys let him go in the bushes after explaining why wild animals don't make good pets.

All Hunter's wheedling refused to move this Mommy's heart of stone.

And I don't even feel the slightest bit sorry.